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New Music: Drew Smith – “I’ma Fly”

Artist: Drew Smith
Song: “I’ma Fly”
Producer: HotHandz
Label: Dream Red Records


The introduction to Drew Smith and Hothandz collaboration, “Ima Fly” is the perfect start to ease the listeners into the musical infusion that’s to come. “Ima Fly” is a Philly hip hop influenced record that’s sure to have people head nodding.

Drew Smith is talking about spear heading a new wave of hope in dying world. He speaks about having the resources to cause a change and actually using it! It’s a theme record for people who will go above and beyond to reach their goals and dreams. “Ima Fly” is a Anthem for people who will keep pushing despite the odds.  Isaiah 40:31 ( Mount up with wings as eagles).

Listen to “I’ma Fly” below:

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