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New Music: Derek Minor – “Who You Know” + Lyrics


Song: Who You Know
Artist: Derek Minor
Album: Empire
Producer: Dirty Rice
Record Label: Reflection Music Group/ eOne Music

Derek Minor offers the first single from post-Reach Records album Empire.  The song is produced by Dirty Rice and really makes the statement of just who Derek Minor is during this stage of his life and career.

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Derek Minor – Who You Know

Who you know shining these streets like a light mane

Who you know stay the same Sunday to Sunday

Who you know taking off on tracks like a runway.

Who you know beat the odds even when they say he can’t

Who you know that hop on tracks and act like he done lost his mind

Who you know that love The Lord ain’t gone trip if you don’t like

Who you that’s RMG but unashamed until he die

Who you know talk about God and still out rap your trappest guy

Who do you know that could careless about how much money you making

Cause that don’t impress him

Who do you know that know he ain’t supposed to be here

So tomorrow he counting his blessings

Who do you know that’s gone steer clear of people that stay in some drama

Cause they looking messy

Who do you know gone keep real in the message

Who you know x 4

People gone say that I’m crazy.

I stepped out on my own, off a plane with no parachute

Turbulence it will not phase me

Float right over problems inside my hot air balloon

You know what I been on

That ain’t gone change whether suburb or ghetto

Faith what I live on

Full speed ahead boy it’s pedal to metal

I hear a whole lot of talking. Sit back listen

Why you make so many assumptions

Soon as they hear you a Christian

Like bet that he all about money

I bet that you only gators and suits on a Sunday

I bet that he think that he perfect

I don’t see nothing but hypocrite all in them churches

Yall lying

Holla at canon. You’ll see he is who we say we is

Tone or chad jones,

you gone see fathers that’s off in they home and they living it

Deraj and b coop, bout dat life

Lecrae 116 bout dat life

You think this way more than the music, hwah, you guessed it you right

I wrote this for every person, know that we not perfect

But through Jesus purchase, we gone keep on working

Fakin we allergic, on our grind till the wheels fall off

Its all about Jesus. He got a people that he been redeeming

The world is so tired of the fake so they look for the real they ask u a question like

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