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New Music: Cash Hollistah – “goRilla” (Elephants In Canada mix)


Artist: Cash Hollistah
Features: KJ-52, Sean C. Johnson, Promise
Song: goRilla (Elephants in Canada Mix)
Production by: Topspin
Album: goRilla Remixes


Remix of the popular single “goRilla” featuring KJ-52 and Promise (the latest signee to Da TRUTH’s label Mixed Bag). Topspin handles production duties and Sean C. Johnson laces the hook.

“To the average listener, the “goRilla.” track may be nothing more than a song to dance or get hype to, but the track carries a spiritual significance for the believer when you go the past the production and into the content. “goRilla.” is meant as a call-to-action for us to go-“realer”, or “harder” in our faith. When sean says (on the hook) that we’re “respcted ‘mongst our peers, but we can’t get no love around here. what we do?” We goRilla. Keep pressin’ on, even harder. Be tenacious, like a gorilla. Stay true, even though you may get no love… fight that good fight of faith, ’til the end.” – Cash Hollistah

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