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New Music: Armond WakeUp – “Tattoo” feat. Uriah

Artist: Armond WakeUp
Featured Artist: Uriah
Song: ”Tattoo”
Album: The Epiphany of Marcus Graham
Album Release Date: Unknown
Label: Independent

Armond continues to build anticipation for The Epiphany of Marcus Graham with the release of “Tattoo.” Check out his description of the song below:

A tattoo, among many things, is a sign of commitment. We spend time obsessing over what we wanna get permanently drawn on our bodies. We ponder what will it look like, is it worth the level of commitment? We want the perfect symbolism represented.

Relationships are the same. Sometimes men think that there’s a perfect woman, that you pursue & ultimately get in a perfect moment. A perfect circumstance. & that’s not entirely true. She’s not perfect. Neither are you. But what is perfect, is the idea of commitment. No matter what, I’ve decided to stay. No matter how it looks. No matter how I feel, I’m here. Despite my concerns & fears, the commitment trumps them all. Like a tattoo.

Listen to “Tattoo” below:

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