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My 5 Favorite Things from Legacy Conference 2012: Sola Gratia

5 Favorite Moments from Legacy Conference 2012

This was my first year going to the Legacy Conference.  To say I had a great time would be an understatement.  As I mentioned on twitter, I learned a lot, met a ton of great people and left spiritually refreshed.

Simply put, every Urban Leader, artist, creative or lay person would benefit from attending the Legacy Conference.  There are very few conferences (Flavor Fest being the other that comes to mind), that provide the atmosphere that Legacy does. The quality and soundness of teaching is great, the concerts top notch and the fellowship is superb.

The conference provides you with the unique ability to network with anyone at any given time. And the vision and organization done by Bryan Dye and his team is second-to-none.  I was honored to be amongst those able to teach a workshop at the conference this year.

While I wasn’t able to attend every event and workshop during the conference, there were five that I really enjoyed.  I’ll spend the rest of this article sharing those with you:

5. The Saturday Outreach in Rogers Park

RMG (Chad Jones, Canon and Tony Tillman) performs in Roger's Park during the 2012 Legacy Conference in Chicago

I’m a bit biased as I was a part of this event, but the Saturday outreach in Rogers Park was a great experience.  Held in the most diverse neighborhood in America, the outreach featured several national artists (RMG, Jin, Bizzle), and a basketball tournament hosted by ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

In the midst of the conference’s attendees as well as folks from the neighborhood, many of whom were drunk and high, the home town boy Viktory brought up Bizzle to perform “Unstoppable” for the first time together. Jin also gave the crowd a treat as he shared his joy of attending and performing at his first Christian Conference.

And that was just a taste of the weekend.  Many enjoyed Alex Faith’s first performance in two years, Skript’s opening set, Bizzle and Bump’s Inf’s set, Json’s versatility as well as RMG’s energy filled finale.

I’m not sure how many people made decisions for the Lord Saturday.  But no one who was in earshot left that event unaware of who Jesus is.

4. Meeting Wade-O Radio Podcast Listeners

Hanging out with Dave and Greg at the Legacy Conference

I was shocked at how many of our listeners were at the conference.  I met several people who said they heard about the conference thru the show and were glad they came.  Two of them, Dave and Greg from Wisconsin hung out with us (Oppose, Jodie and I) all weekend. They helped out at our merch table, ate dinner with us a few times and laughed and joked with us.

Sometimes the simple things in life are the most enjoyable. Being around a couple of 21 year-old guys who just loved the Lord was encouraging.  They helped remind me about the importance of having a servant’s heart.

3. Dr. John M. Perkins during the Minister’s Dinner Friday Night

It will be tough for me to articulate just how much I enjoyed Dr. Perkins.  He reminded me of a great Uncle who just says whatever he wants because he can.  His ability to articulate the issues plaguing America right now were uncanny.  To hear the perspective of someone who served and led during the Civil Rights Movement was powerful.  He reminded all of us that protecting and nurturing families is a vital part of building a healthy country.

2. Chris Broussard’s Workshop

Chris Broussard Teaches About Faith in The Workplace during the Legacy Conference

The majority of Christians don’t serve in vocational ministry.  Most of us are students, have full-time jobs, and are entrepreneurs or home makers.  Yet, we’re all charged with making more disciples according to the great commission.  Chris’ gave real examples of how he’s been able to share his faith, sometimes on National TV as one of the premier sportswriters and personalities in the country.

He shared the behind the scenes of his conversations with other ESPN personalities and executives as well as how the Lord guided him at critical points in His career by helping him make the right career decisions. It was a real eye opener.  To see the balance between faith and hard work in his career was very encouraging.

1. Wade-O Radio Concert Friday Night

Jin engages with the crowd during the Wade-O Radio Concert at the 2012 Legacy Conference

Even if we didn’t sponsor this event or I hadn’t DJ’d it, there’s no doubt this would have been my favorite event of the weekend.  Hosted by my good friend Oppose, the energy during the concert was sky high.  I opened the event by dropping classics like “Don’t Waste Your Life”, “Joyful Noise”, “5 Seconds” and “Kobe Bryant on ‘Em” as everyone sung along in anticipation of the evening’s first performer, Jin.  Jin didn’t disappoint as he verbally showed appreciation to everyone supporting his first U.S. Concert since his salvation. He performed “Y.O.G.O.” and “Angels” for the first time as well as the exclusive track called “Brand New.” The crowd loved every minute of it.

Andy Mineo, KB and Tedashii then performed back to back and smashed it.  Andy set off the Reach portion of the concert with high energy performances of “Goodbye,” “Young“, and “Michael Jackson.” Once Andy finished “In My City, which included a stage dive, ” Oppose introduced Tedashii and the crowd went into a frenzy when he came out to “Riot.” I thought I’d have to stop the music at one point as the crowd in the front broke out into a mosh pit.

Tedashii performs during the Legacy Conference Wade-O Radio Concert

After T-Dot ran thru “I’m a Believer”, “Bury Me”, “I’m Fresh” and “Brand New,” KB started his set with “Zone Out.” Everyone lost their minds at that point.  The crowd sang every word as KB asked the Legacy crowd “How you s’ppose to hurt a man that’s been dead since ’05?” With that, the beat dropped and he went in.

At that point, I thought the concert may have topped out in the energy department.  Thi’sl proved me wrong, however. Beginning with “APB”, “Trap Money” and “Let it Knock”, Thi’sl kept the party moving.  The crowd was primed and ready when he shocked everybody by bringing out Cross Movement legend Phanatik.  Backed by Reconcile, Canon, Propaganda, Tedashii, Andy Mineo and several other national artists, Brady Goodwin gave everyone a history lesson on “Who’s The Man?”  Despite, some of the younger attendees lack of familiarity with Phanatik and Cross Movement, the crowd loved and supported his performance.  The 7 minutes he was on stage was definitely one of the most memorable moments of the evening.

The high point of the night, however, was Thi’sl’s finale, “Radio on Drugs.”  The crowd was into it so much, that he instructed me to start the record again, mid-way thru the first verse. All of the artists from that evening, as well as Propaganda, Kareem Manuel and others then came back out on stage to back him (a tradition started by Cross Movement).

It was a fitting end, to an epic evening.


  • If you attended, what were your favorite moments from the conference?
  • If you didn’t attend, do you plan to attend next year?

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