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Music Video: The Ambassador – “Life for Real”


Photo by: Jacob Titus

Artist: The Ambassador
Album: When Sacred Meets Secular
Producer: Levester White
Video Shot/ Edited By: Levester White
Publishing: SESAC PUBLISHING / WSMS ©2016

The Ambassador is back with the third single and first music video from his latest “When Sacred Meets Secular”.  The track is entitled “Life For Real” and defines what life in Christ really looks like for the believer.  Backed by a live band, the horns in the track alone, make this an anthem that we all can rally behind.

Ambassador recently appeared at Flavor Fest in Tampa, Florida this past weekend and was honored along with the other founding members of the Cross Movement during Legacy Conference in Chicago this summer.  It’s always good to see the legends still impacting the culture.

The song was produced by Levester White, who also shot and edited the video.


It is what it is . . . life

Our God’s in the building tonight
All decked in light with splendor and might
Hands in the air if you’re feelin’ Him I
I know the feelin, the feelin’ is life

It’s the feeling of life for real,
There’s life in Christ and this life is real
Now hands in the air if you’re feelin’ Him I
know the feelin’, the feelin’ is life
it’s the feelin’ of life

Verse 1

Ladies and gents / Lend me your ear/
There is a life /and I’m living it–yeah /

I was living in darkness, I was living in fear/
But then there was a spark and a light would appear/

Like Genesis 1 it was just a word/
But a powerful one and I must of heard/

‘Cause my bones were dry but the bones revived/
And my heart was lit and was I drawn to Christ/

He was the pursuer so I know I’m the pursued/
This is true, whatchu gonna do when He comes for you?

Our God Is in the building tonite . . .

Verse 2

Earth is the Lord’s—every thing /
He deserves an applause from every being /

Whether living on earth or you’re a heaven being/
Start declaring His worth, He’s over every king/

With a line in the sand / flag in the ground
We’re claiming this spot/ we’re snatching it now/

And love is a must in Him that did abound/
Check the thorns and cuts they were a cap and a gown/

But a empty tomb/ yeah that did astound /
No more cap and gown He came back with a crown/

His sovereign reign nobody’ll miss it /
And the ring of the King / everybody’ll kiss it

With a scepter in hand, even demons submitted /
When Jesus lifted / His people are with it /

He’s the reason I spit it / and the reason you get it/
And reason I use to creep/ but the reason I quit it/

He is the pursuer and you know I’m the pursued
He is reigning is He reigning over you? / Then say with us.

Our God Is in the building tonite . . .

Verse 3
Here I stand in the “spirit of Luther”/
Reformer and King I think I’ll see both in the future/

I stand on the word with a faith that’ll work/
With no trust in myself I keep my face in the dirt/

Righteousness of Christ are my church clothes/
A when Christ is light that’s when the church glows /

If your not in the faith / and you’re not in the fam
Thank God for His grace/thank God for His Lamb

You should turn and trust / You should come learn with us/
You should come turn and live / look what He’s earned for us—life.

Our God Is in the building tonite . . .

Somebody ought to say, “He reigns forever”

“He reigns . . .” (4x)
we celebrate Him . . . make much
hands in the air if you’re feelin’ Him I
know the feelin’, the feelin’ is life
it’s the feelin’ of life

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