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Music Video: Serge – “Haitian Food 2”


South Florida artist Serge returns with “Haitian Food 2”. 

Serge originally released the video for “Haitian Food” in 2014, but the video gained more popularity in August during the #ShookOnesChallenge and received over two hundred thousand views in a week on Facebook.

On Monday, Serge released part 2 of Haitian Food over two hip hop classic instrumentals – Eminem and Dr. Dre’s “Forgot About Dre” and Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks”. When asked why he selected those specific instrumentals, Serge said, “Those two beats are classics! They immediately grab your attention when they come on.”

Serge also paid his respects to the late DJ Official by wearing the tribute benefit shirt by BlackSheep Collective and showcasing Official’s Entermission album. When asked about the impact of DJ Official on his life, Serge said, “DJ Official had a huge impact on CHH in general, so most of the CHH artists that challenged my walk and knowledge of God through their music early on, had records produced by him.”

He also spoke about attending the 2013 Unashamed Conference in Atlanta and DJ Official taking the time out to have lunch with him and some of his friends. “That meant a lot to me because he was such a legend in the game and he made time to have lunch with the little guy,” said Serge. “I was super encouraged by his humility and kindness. That memory will forever stay with me.”

In “Haitian Food 2” Serge also addressed the controversy behind his 2015 song “Next Level“. He felt like there were both negative and positive take aways from the coverage of the song and still stands behind what he said. However, he said he believes in the popular saying, “it’s not always what you say but it’s how you say it.”

Watch “Haitian Food” below: 

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