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Music Video: Oscar Urbina – “Teacher Chronicles”


Feature Photo credit: Pablo Rene

Miami rapper Oscar Urbina, who doubles as an eighth-grade teacher, uses his actual classroom as the set of his music video for his autobiographical song “Teacher Chronicles,” the lead track from his mixtape MP2 Darkness being released on April 7. The video was shot and directed by Pablo Rene of Renevisuals.

According to a press release statement sent to, “on the song, Urbina argues that the curriculum should incorporate life skills that address bullying, developing integrity, and religion.” The music video was filmed at a school in Opa-locka in Miami-Dade County, and is centered around a student who has fallen asleep in Urbina’s class.

Urbina explains, “as a student dreams, he envisions an interaction with his teacher in a different light. The teacher reveals to him the secret flaws of the profession that he has devoted his life to.”

The song was inspired by Urbina’s experiences as a student and instructor. “The average graduate at 18 still feels lost because we spend more time teaching them things that, though they are important, won’t help them that much in the real world,” Oscar says, “adding that he would like to see courses about business, psychology, religion, health and the art of suffering added to the curriculum.”

MP2 Darkness is a follow up to Molly Pitcher released in July 2016. The mixtape series is influenced by the story of Mary Ludwig, a folklore heroine who brought soldiers pitchers of water to combat heat exhaustion during the American Revolution’s Battle of Monmouth. Oscar strives to use his music to make a similar impact on its listeners.

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