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Music Video: Germaine Martel – “Sky fall”


HISstory Music Group’s newest member Germaine Martel returns with “Sky Fall” from his upcoming album Human 3: The Holy Trilogy, slated to be released January 26th.

In a press release statement sent to, Germaine explained the inspiration for “Sky Fall.”

We often dream of what it would be like when our Lord and Savior returns. Will I have fulfilled my purpose and accomplished everything I said I would? These are the things that gave me inspiration for “Sky Fall”. While producing the song, I decided to leave most of the song with just the piano and vocals to give it a poetic feel. I sung the hook to display more of my vocal capabilities and switched the beat up to match that energy. I wanted the video to feel like a dream, since that’s where it all started. I pray the song resonates with people and encourages them be joyful for what awaits us. I can’t wait until the Sky Falls.”

“Sky Fall” was produced by Germaine Martel and the music video was directed by Ghost for LotForty7Human 3: The Holy Trilogy is now available for pre-order, HERE.

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