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Music Video: Eshon Burgundy – Free Hope (Free Smoke GMix) + Lyrics

eshon free hope remix

Eshon Burgundy is back with new music.  In his latest music video, he remakes Drake’s “Free Smoke” song from his “More Life” album in to his own version “Free Hope.”  In the song, Eshon touches on the current, political and economic climate while still staying true to his core message: “our ultimate hope and faith should be in Jesus Christ.”

We recently sat down with Eshon to discuss why he started NFtry as he also shared a horrendous encounter he had with the police.

You can peep his new music video and song lyrics below:


Who gone love you like the love that come from Heaven?
Who gone forgive you for ya sins when you confess them?
Who you hate on and they come back at you with affection?
Who Word is razor sharp for that war talk?
That’s a weapon no shotty (bop!!!!)
Money money money you can’t buy my soul from me no
Ask me if I’m broke and you gone get a no
From me no
Way I look you prolly think you’ll get some dope from me yo
But run up on me funny tho and get some hope from me
Food and drug administration taking dollars
From corporations
Poisoning the products and provide us
With vaccinations
The slums gone always be the slums
Unless they find some value in the soil
Then welcome gentrification
It’s a hard knock life and the devil at the door
Trying to score some hard white crack cocaine raw
Bagging up all night after chopping it with the sword
Then push that rock on block he said he got that cocaine cure
Man they murder families for this money
Get down or lay down like a canopy for this money
They run a check up copping
Candy with this money
Then road trip with that power powder
Wrapped in the trunk like a mummy
And it gets shipped into country
On American yachts
Cocaineah move like FEMA on American docks
Off shore dinero swelling up in foreign accounts
Government officials carrying pistols to rub us out
The word police almost sound like the word political
Stocks and bonds at minimal
Traded on behalf of criminals
Prisoners are new slaves greater work for a lesser wage
Economical plantation full of crooked ways
Oh What a time to be alive (alive)
People talk on money phones more than God (oh God)
The love of money is the root of all kind of evil
Nobody in particular it’s effecting all kind of people with the
Sinister motives
Meeting minister quotas
Seeing life through a Benjamin lens’ll ruin ya focus!
Everybody want the green Ching Ching to feel Like they a King King
The King of all kings passed on being called king
Lust for the money will make you crucify justice
Why would you do this Judas I thought you became accustomed to the truest
You was wit us now you acting the newest
You came to get us with hittas
At the Son of man blowing kisses
Holy Holy
All honor and all glory to the Most High God

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