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Music Video: Andy Mineo – “Hear My Heart”


Youtube/ Reach Records

Artist: Andy Mineo
Song: “Hear My Heart”
Album: Uncomfortable
Directed by: Kyle Dettman

On Monday evening Reach Records released the official visual for Andy Mineo’s song, “Hear My Heart.” The song is a tribute to his sister Grace and was released during International Week of the Deaf. The heartfelt song showcases Andy rapping in American Sign Language.

When explaining the inspiration behind the song, Andy recalls a time when he didn’t know sign language.

“About 3 years ago, I was at my nephew’s graduation sitting at a picnic table, and a group of Deaf people came over and started speaking to me in American Sign Language (ASL). Awkwardly, I tried to respond with them by mouthing, “I’M SORRY! I DON’T UNDERSTAND. I DON’T KNOW SIGN LANGUAGE.”

As Andy continues to tell the story, his sister Grace explained to the group that he didn’t understand the language. “I knew what they were thinking: “You have a deaf sister, and you don’t know ASL?”

Andy sat alienated from the conversation, and wondered if they were talking about him and he wanted to know what they were saying, but he felt so left out.

“At that very moment and for the first time in my life, I felt to a small degree what it was like to be my sister – to be a deaf person in a hearing world,” explained Andy. “I felt what it was like to be the minority. To be left out of the conversation. To try and catch even a word here or there. How lonely! How isolating! How frustrating!”

When it came to the creation of the song, Andy says that he thought about the Deaf Community and how at times they are left behind or forgotten. Specifically focusing on the arts and having a deaf sister, Andy wanted to be a part of changing that conversation.

“I started to write a song that would serve two purposes: first, it had to serve as my public apology to Grace; second, it would bring awareness (hopefully) to a culturally neglected community.”

Andy continued to say, “‘Hear My Heart’ was constructed with the Deaf in mind. I wanted a bass line that felt like a heartbeat. I wanted to be able to touch the speakers and feel a clear sense of rhythm. I knew I wanted to sign this song for my sister in video form, but I wanted to do it in a way that could bridge the gap between the Hearing and the Deaf.”

Andy shares more about how he incorporates the song into his performances, his preparation for the video, and overall goal on the Reach Records website.

Watch the inspirational video below: 

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