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Music: J. Rhodan – “Honey” feat. Taelor Gray and Sean C. Johnson

Illect Recordings producer J. Rhodan released his new single “Honey” on Thursday (Jan. 5). The track features Taelor Gray and Sean C. Johnson, and is the lead single for J. Rhodan’s upcoming EP, Each Sold Separately.

When describing the single J. Rhodan says, “Creativity comes in waves. Now a days things are created in such a way that it replicates a certain trend. We do it for attention, relevance and “buzz”. The bee doesn’t spend its time wondering about your Cheerios when it’s gathering nectar. How come we are so consumed with consumer and not the Creator? That’s the heart behind “honey”. Create for you and yours. Grind for you and yours. Whether it’s 1 or 1000, give your all daily.”

The single can be purchased on iTunes and Illect Recordings Bandcamp page.

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