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Mixtape Review: Paul Morris – Square One


Disclaimer: All views presented in this Mixtape Review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O 

Paul Morris is a multi-talented artist from South Florida trying to make strides in the CHH world. Many of you reading this review, may be wondering who he is and where he is from. He’s the latest signee to CTF Records and has been featured on a song with Oscar Urbina, Authentik, and Aktiv Beats latest free album Art Behind the Beat.

He brings the ability to rap and sing to the table and does both fairly well. He also has a unique way of presenting his message to listeners. In this mixtape review, we will look at what people can expect from Paul Morris on his latest mixtape Square One. 


One of the first things you will notice when listening to this project is Paul Morris’ ability to admit where he has fallen. He comes right out the gate exposing the sinful things that he’s enjoyed and been apart of. ”Square One,” “Fallible Man,” and “Better Man” speak to his constant fight with the things of this world. He raps about drinking, doing things with women, wanting to do right, but falling into sin. He makes it a point to highlight God’s grace throughout the struggles. It sometimes feels as if you’re listening to a diary entry.

Although transparency is great and has recently become more popular in the CHH world, the way we present our struggles can be tricky. Sometimes it can come off like you never experience victory and therefore rely on God’s grace alone to stay afloat. And other times, it can point to how God has kept you amidst the things that tempt you.

When listening to this project, it feels like a mixture of both. As the album progresses, it focuses much more on Jesus and the changes that Jesus has started in his life. It gets better towards the end but he may potentially lose listeners in the beginning because the songs don’t seem to offer a solution. For those that hang on and keep listening, they will hear that all the things mentioned in the beginning, set up his boasts in God towards the latter part of the mixtape.


Paul Morris blends a couple different styles which makes for a unique sound. You can hear an influence from the islands as well as Hip-hop and R&B. On tracks where he sang, his singing was so good, it made you think someone else was featured on the track. He does a great job at keeping his singing and rapping separate, so there won’t be any future Drake comparisons coming his way. He showcases this talent on the very first track titled “My Heart.”

Along with being able to sing and rap, he also showcases his ability to compose a song. Song composition is often overlooked but it takes talent to create a catchy hook and song layout that pulls the listener in. “Ready To Die” is a great example of this. Throughout the entire project, the listener gets many hip hop or slow-paced songs and then on “Ready To Die,” he comes out with an upbeat song with some auto-tune thrown in there. The way the song builds up is very encouraging and the beat and chorus is great for a concert setting.

This will be the first time many people hear his music and Square One will leave fans confident that he can do it all. His success will probably be marked by his work ethic and God’s timing, because he has the components to make a great impact.

Areas To Work On

While mentioning above that Paul Morris is talented and has the ability to compose songs, there is an area that felt lacking on this project. That was the ability to produce hit tracks. Many don’t go into a mixtape expecting to hear a bunch of singles for the radio, but it would have been nice on this project. He is introducing himself to new fans and they need something to be attached to. The replay value on the tracks was fairly low. The songs were good, but not good enough to be categorized as a “must-listen” item.

This is an area that will improve as he continues to work on his craft. His talent out-shined his lack of “hot” tracks and that is why this is simply an area that needs work.


Paul Morris definitely has the potential to be an artist to look out for. After listening to this mixtape, there are definitely areas that he can polish up on. His ability to communicate a clear message can be touched up because some songs may leave the listener a little confused. Primarily when speaking on sins that we are struggling with. Some of the songs that talked about the wrestling with sin made you wonder what was going on and where he was at spiritually. As you listen to the album, you don’t question it and that is why it is simply an area that he can polish. No need for confusion in that area.

Also, it will be interesting when he is able to feature more artists. He can sing and rap, but it’s always nice to feature some other voices to add to the mix. Serge was featured on this project but that was about it, as far as names that others would be familiar with.

Square One is a decent introductory mixtape and for those that check it out, they will see that it was not just thrown together. This was a project that had great production and solid song composition. Looking forward to what an album will sound like from Paul Morris.

Paul Morris’ Mixtape ‘Square One’ can be downloaded HERE.

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