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Miss, Mirror, Make

For me, things are better organized in categories. I recently had to change somethings around in my closet because I have summer clothes and winter clothes. When I pack grocery bags, I separate items based on if they are cold or hot. For example, the cereal shouldn’t go in the bag with the cheese. Computers have folders that help separate pictures from documents from music. You also have categories of people. You have categories of jobs, monetary status, relationship status, people with children and without, and the lists go on. The title of this devo is ‘Miss, Mirror, Make’ referring to people that are in the categories that miss history, mirror history, and make history.

Those that miss history to are similar to Zechariah, John the Baptist’s father (Luke 1:5-79). This priest was told by the angel Gabriel, that he would be the father of the forerunner of Jesus. Because Zechariah did not believe that he and his elderly wife could parent such a child, Gabriel told him that he would be silent until the birth of his child. Imagine not being able to express excitement as Elizabeth announced she was pregnant, feeling the baby kick for the first time, as people congratulate the couple on their first child. Zechariah was missing history because of his lack of faith. Are you missing history because you are doubting God?

Those that mirror history are similar to the Israelites. God’s chosen people wanted a king because they saw other nations with a king. (1 Sam. 8) God called his people to follow Him not a man. The Israelites continued to pressure Samuel, the prophet at the time, about a king. God had not led the people astray, He had not brought them harm, He had never left them to die, yet the people wanted a physical king, just because other nations had one. The Israelites wanted to mirror other nations without seeking God about what was best for them. Are you mirroring someone else’s history because it ‘looks’ good but it’s not what God wants for you?

Those that make history are similar to Queen Esther. This young Jewish woman became queen in a Persian empire. While she was queen, the king was tricked into agreeing to kill all Jews, unaware that his wife was a Jew. Esther made history by seeking God through fasting and prayer then boldly went before the king to request mercy for her people. Esther, being the queen, did not owe  the Jewish nation anything. The king didn’t know she was Jewish! She would have lived, but because of her boldness for her people, she made history. Read her whole story from the book of Esther in the Old Testament. Are you making history because of your faith and boldness?

What are you doing, missing, mirroring, or making history?


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