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Media Training 101 – A Lesson for Rappers, Pastors, DJs and Leaders


The art of successfully communicating ones message in an interview format is an oft overlooked skill in the Christian Community.  I’ve interviewed over 400 artists, pastors and leaders on my show and I’m still perplexed at how few of them are adequately prepared for interviews.  Even outside of my show, I can recall countless interviews in which really influential Christian leaders said things that left their fans wandering where the individual stood on certain issues or what they meant with certain comments.

I came across this video by a guy named Todd Shannon that I believe many public figures would find helpful.  He uses interview clips from Lecrae, Andy Mineo and Mali Music to show how people can walk away from their interviews with the wrong message.  While I do wish he could provide examples where people did well interviews, perhaps that will be addressed in a part 2.

Check out the vid below and let me know your thoughts.  What constitutes a good interview in your eyes?

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