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Mali Music Explains His Shift from Gospel Music to Mainstream Music

Singing sensation Mali Music recently sad down for a video interview with Radio One to discuss why he has “gone mainstream.”  As you will recall, Mali signed with Akon’s Konvick Music back in 2011, in a move that was widely criticized.

Since, the signing, Mali has released very little music which has also lead to some confusion from fans in terms of what direction Mali is headed in.

In the short interview with Radio One, he makes mention of the “ceiling” that seems to exist for gospel artists in terms of how far they can go.  He believes that this situation will give him a better opportunity to reach more people.

Mali Music also says that Gospel music is his roots and that he won’t stray from that.  He will still have Christian themes and content in his music, but the songs won’t be as “overtly Christian.”

On Tuesday Night, Mali recently won a Dove Award for Hip Hop/ Rap Song of the Year for his collaboration on Lecrae’s song “Tell The World.”

What are your thoughts?  Is Mali Music compromising?  Or will he be able to open more doors for Christians and the Gospel?

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