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Legacy Conference Day 2 Recap

Unable to make it to Chicago for the Legacy Conference this year? Wade-O team members Jacob and Mikaela, with association with Testimony: A Musician’s Story host Brown Theory, ran around all day Friday, July 24th to bring you a brief recap of each event. We believe in the Legacy’s goal of equipping disciple makers with biblically-based tools and hope our small window into the day’s events will convince you to make the trip next year.

8:00 AM | Morning Devotion by Odd Thomas

Humble Beast artist and founder Odd Thomas set off Day 2 with a morning devotional on Romans 15. He focused on maintaining unity in the body of Christ by rejecting the world’s methods for dealing with differences of opinions. In the world people tend to deal with disagreements by educating people on the “facts”, arguing your position, and finally bullying people into assimilating into the majority way of thinking.
As believers, he pointed out that we are to bear with our weaker brothers and sisters by practicing meekness and not insisting on being correct all of the time. His quote, “we build an apologetic that says that Christians should listen to Kendrick Lamar,” drove his point home to an audience steeped in hip-hop culture. While a stronger Christian may be able to listen to Kendrick’s music, we look out for weaker believers by not conveying this as a necessary or good path for growth.

9:00 AM | General Session

John Onwuchekwa on The People of God and The World (John 17:12-19)

“If things go fine we assume we are safe and grow complacent and relaxed.”  John Onwuchekwa

John Onwuchekwa delivered a message on John 17:12-19, Jesus’ prayer to God about his people. Jesus’ priority while he was on earth was to protect his men. His priority when he was leaving earth was to still protect them and indwell them with His joy.

Onwuchekwa sees Christian growing complacent in the world and being wooed by it. He used the example of something so simple as the television shows we choose to watch. How some Christians find themselves rooting for Olivia and Fitz (a Scandal reference) or Mr. White (a Breaking Bad reference).

He sees Christians splitting into two groups: Christians who want to withdraw from the world, and Christians who are overly arrogant and want to engage. Both types thinking that their decisions make them “safe.”

The verses he referenced point out that as Christians we don’t need to be afraid because we have a protector. We don’t need to be arrogant because we need a protector. God protects us so that we can project his presence to the world.

10:30 AM | Workshops

Workshop | Track: Singleness, Sex and the Covenant | Natalie Lauren | Fantasy Island: Fleeing Fantasies & Risky Realities | Women Only

Natalie Lauren started off the workshop with a time of worship as she helped the women in the room get their minds focused on the Lord, as they were going to dived into the topic of Singleness.

If you’re single, you’ve probably heard it all about singleness. And you’ve probably been asked when will you get married? Why are you single? Is the Lord punishing you? Is something wrong with you?

Natalie focused on the fact that as women, we don’t need a man to rescue us. She also focused the main purpose of singleness is to please God. Singleness is good. It is not a curse. In your time of singleness, you should maximize it for the glory of God. Are you serving others during your time of singleness? How are you using your time?

Natalie also pointed out practical ways to enjoy your singleness for the Glory of God and to flee fantasies.

“Singleness is our connecting flight to God.” -Natalie Lauren

Workshop | Track: The Church In The City | Pastor Kenny Petty | Establishing Authentic Family Through Groups

Kenny Petty, Pastor of The Gate in St. Louis, used his workshop to talk about the need for authentic family in the local church, and how his church has pursued this goal in partnership with the Rebuild Network. He started by traveling through a number of scriptures (2 Cor. 5:16-21, John 17:21, John 11:50-52, Galatians 4:6, Acts 2:42-47) to explain that the church “isn’t like a family, it is a family.” The vision he put forth of a church actually living as a family was compelling, even though I enjoy the community of my local church I found myself longing for more after going through these passages.

After the biblical exposition, Pastor Kenny spoke on how The Gate has pursued authentic family, primarily through their community groups (aka small groups, missional communities, home groups). Their model has been heavily informed by The Rebuild Network, a group led by Dhati Lewis that “exists to equip, encourage, and empower the urban church to multiply disciple in the city.”

It was encouraging to hear about all of the life change that has occurred because of involvement in these groups. Additionally, it provided me with practical ways that I can go home and work to improve the home group structure already in my local church.

1:00 PM | Concert in the Courtyard feat. AMP, Angie Rose, J. Han, and Sam Ock

After another morning of lectures and prayers as the Plaza was filled with Legacy disciples taking a break to eat lunch and enjoy the sun and cool air, while being entertained by emerging artists. The highlight of the afternoon was New York’s female MC and singer Angie Rose. For those who were not familiar with her work, quickly assessed that she is an artist they need to familiarize themselves with.

2:15 PM | Workshops

Workshop | Track: The Church In The City | Dhati Lewis | Creating a Culture of Disciple-Making in the Local Church

In the afternoon Dhati Lewis followed Kenny Petty’s workshop on authentic family with a session on creating a culture of disciple-making in the local church. Dhati is the pastor of Blueprint Church in Atlanta and helps lead The Rebuild Network.

He started the workshop with three questions that helped provide a framework for the practical information that followed:  

– What is disciple-making in the local church?  

– Why should we make disciples?

 – Why make disciples through the local church?  

After going through scripture’s call for disciple-making to be the primary aim of the local church, Dhati used Blueprint’s model of disciple-making to explain how a local church can begin this process, ending with a “culture” of making disciples. I think that we all know that the church should be making disciples, but few of us actually take the time to “reverse engineer” the process to put it into motion in our body. I will certainly be seeking out more information from The Rebuild Network and BLVD to help create this culture in my local church.

Workshop | Track: Marriage | Dating, Marriage and Everything Related Panel | BJ Thompson, Rich Perez, and Chad Jones

“I imagined the baggage I brought into my relationship would disappear at my salvation, but it was only revealed.” – BJ Thompson

The classroom overflowed with hearts seeking advice on all things related to relationships. Hearts trickled in and stood against the walls or sat on the floor expecting to be a fly on the wall as the panel discussed dating and marriage. What they got instead was an open an honest group discussion on said topics.

The panel fielded questions from the class about: discovering you or your spouse is not saved once you are married, healthy boundaries of relationships up and through marriage in community, how to find other married couples for accountability, and much, much, MUCH more. 

The panelist answered each and every question with sound doctrine and examples of their personal experiences.

4:30 PM |  Legacy’s Rap Showcase

Artists and fans alike gathered in the auditorium as the competitors for Legacy’s Rap Showcase sat patiently waiting for their turn on the front row. The event, monitored once again by the very talented and funny Jackie Hill-Perry went on with a few humorous moments. 


The competitors Danny Froze, Lexi, Ki’Shon Furlow, EliVate, Brother3 and Kalom went up one by one and presented their songs. The judges Json, Natalie Lauren and Odd Thomas sat with eagerness to hear what each participant had to offer.

After each artist performed, the judges gave critiques, advice and encouragement. Ki’Shon Furlow had the crowd rocking with his song “Obi Wan Kenobi,” Las Vegas artist Lexi held it down for the ladies and Chicago native Brother 3 felt right at home on the stage.

The winner of the first ever Legacy’s Rap Showcase was Ki’Shon Furlow.

Featuring Danny Froze, L3XDIVINE, Ki’shon Furlow, EliVateBrother3 and Kalom.

6:30 PM | General Session

Thabiti Anyabwile on The People of God and Future Glory (John 17:20-26)

“Christians are newscasters and we have the good news. God exists and He is great, holy, righteous and just.” –Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile

Pastor Thabiti focused on the glory of God and wherever Christ goes glory follows. So, wherever you go, glory follows. He also included that we should live from the indwelling presence of His glory as we live in it. 

Special Award:

The family of the late Danny “D-Boy” Rodriguez was given a special award from the Legcay Conference. The Legacy Award was presented to the family by Skrip for D-Boy’s contributions to the early stages of Christian hip-hop as a rap pioneer, and his influence in the community. D-Boy is the first recipient of the Legacy Award. 

9:00 PM | Wade-O Radio Presents: The Mix Show

Featuring Beautiful EulogyBizzleCorey Paul, Dream Junkies, Jackie Hill PerryJGivensJsonKBNatalie LaurenReconcileS.O., and Thi’sl.


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