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Legacy Conference Day 1 Recap

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Unable to make it to Chicago for the Legacy Conference this year? Wade-O team members Jacob and Mikaela, with association with Testimony: A Musician’s Story host Brown Theory, we ran around all day Wednesday, July 23 to bring you a brief recap of each event. We believe in the Legacy’s goal of equipping disciple makers with biblically-based tools and hope our small window into the day’s events will convince you to make the trip next year.

8:00 AM | Morning Devotion by HB Charles Jr.

At 8 AM a room full of eager learners sat with their notebooks in their lap and pen ready to jot down spiritual nuggets fed to them by HB Charles Jr.

The message was on Jude 1:24-25, the Doxology, about trusting in the God that is able to keep you from stumbling and praising that God.

He broke down each verse and the souls in the room walked away knowing that although sin produces the faults of guilt, fear, and shame, Jesus will present us without fault and with great joy to the one and only God.

9:00 AM | General Session

D. A. Horton on The People of God and Community (John 17:1-10).

Pastor D. A. Horton set the pace for the conference early on as he enthusiastically and graciously executed the scriptures in reference to John 17:1-10. Horton focused on the body of believers being people of God by serving others through prayer. He also focused on the aspect of the people of God being in right community with one another and God by not being isolated from one another, as the body is necessary to our growth in Christ.

“When people don’t see us as family, they will not see the Father.” –D. A. Horton

10:30 AM | Workshops

Workshop for Public and Private Holiness by Vincent Bacote is packed. Growing as disciples! #legacydisciple15

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Workshop | Track: Spiritual Disciplines | Dr. Vincent Bacote | Public and Private Holiness: Pursuing a Serious Faith

Many gathered into the room with several of the conference attendees either sitting on the floor or standing against the wall. The room had reached its capacity and was packed with hearts willing to hear from Wheaton College Associate Professor of Theology Dr. Vincent Bacote on the topic of Holiness. Bacote started off the workshop asking attendees two specific questions. “Where did you learn about holiness?” and “What Church denomination are you?” These two questions would help shape their viewpoints and understanding of holiness. 

Everyone in the room was attentive to Dr. Bacote as he explained the topic of holiness with the ability to relate to those in attendance and with great knowledge and understanding of God’s word. As Dr. Bacote continued in explaining holiness he broke down the concept of holiness with the guidance of 1 Peter 1:13-15 and 1 Corinthians 1:2. Dr. Bacote went on to explain the identity of holiness as being a positional element or progressive element. As holy people you are sanctified in Christ Jesus and you belong to God. With that, you are called to be holy, so be holy as God is holy. 

He finished off his workshop with explaining three different models of holiness/sanctification. The three models were Lutheran, Reformed, and Wesleyan. The content all went back to where everyone gained their understanding of holiness from and what the pursuit of holiness should be. 

“Sin does not have power but it can have influence.” –Dr. Vincent Bacote

Workshop | Track: Womanhood | Melody Fabien | Warrior Bride

The arranged seating was full. Woman grabbed chairs, bar stools, sofa chairs, or any chair they could find and pulled them in to sit with the crowd. Each woman sat attentively and listened to every word as if their best friend just said “Girl, I got something to tell you!”

Warrior Bride was a workshop for the ladies and presented by Melody Fabien. A warrior bride is a commissioned daughter, a prepared warrior, and a ready bride. To become a warrior bride, first you must breath in who you are in Christ.

Fabien starts the workshop with her testimony. She was animated with her delivery and used lots of humor. It was heart felt and relatable. Fabien told her testimony, because her testimony has helped her to connect with other women she calls her sisters and her daughters.  Her journey prepared her to be a warrior bride.

Ultimately, the messages was: It doesn’t matter if you are a single woman or a married woman, you are His bride. When he comes will you be ready for Him?

1:00 PM | Concert in the Courtyard feat. Natalie Lauren, Serene and Shopé

During the lunch break a stage was set up on the stairs for an outdoor concert. It was a good opportunity for a few up and coming artists to share their music with a crowd who might have known who they were, but hadn’t heard much of their work. Additionally, fans of Natalie Lauren (fka Suzy Rock) were treated to a live version of High Society’s “Applause” and a remix off Kendrick’s last album To Pimp A Butterfly. Watch Natalie Lauren perform a remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” below:

2:15 PM | Workshops

Track: Singleness, Sex and the Covenant | Ezekiel Azonwu | Understanding the Spiritual Concept of Marriage, even through Singleness

“A healthy marriage cannot thrive where there is no healthy Church.” –Ezekiel Azonwu

Ezekiel was surprised to see a packed room of men and woman wanting to take part in his workshop on God honoring singleness. 

This workshop took a different turn, when Ezekiel, who has not been single for years, focused more on understanding the spiritual concept of marriage. The immediate reaction to the singles was disappointment, but that quickly subsided when the charismatic-spoken word artist paralleled how the single Christian and married Christian both partake in the foreshadowing of Jesus’ marriage to his bride.

The mood of the workshop could be compared to a movie theater projecting a horror film on screen and the crowd shouting at the movie, shrieking in fear, and laughing uncomfortably at some of the frankness of the conversation. 

While giving the do’s and don’t of singleness, Ezekiel reminded the crowd that marriage is not about the individual or the couple, but about glorifying God. Additionally, the importance of people needing to see the glory of God by watching the Christian couple experience marriage.

Track: Cultural Engagement | Micah Bournes | Will The World Be Fixed By A Hipster Government?

Spoken Word artist Micah Bournes led a workshop focusing on the question, “Is the world getting better or worse?” The topic was laid on his heart while listening to John Mayer’s famous line “…one day our generation is gonna rule the population, so we keep waiting, waiting, waiting on the world to change.” 

Micah explored this question through a biblical lens, going through passages of scripture that talk about the coming of the Lord’s Kingdom as well as the reality of depravity and evil in the world.

Ultimately, he concluded that the world was not getting better, and that it’s not getting worse. He identified the foolishness in believing that our generation will be the remedy for all of the world’s problem and injustices, and that we are called to be faithful to God’s work and not judge success by perceived changes around us.

4:30 PM | Poetry Slam

Many gathered to attend the Special Event as conference attendees had to get a ticket to attend the limited seating event. The competitors, Ciara Jones, Jezerey Weidermab, Candice Lofton, Leah James, Emmanuel Gaines, Fredric Sims, Sarah Wallick had five minutes to present their piece to the judges. They were judged on their performance, content, and creativity. 

The Poetry Slam was monitored by Jackie Hill-Perry, who was very hilarious and kept the crowd engaged and laughing. The event was judged by Ezekiel, Itohan, Jackie Whang, Janette…ikz, and Preston Perry. 

The second runner-up was Leah James.

The first runner-up was Jezerey.

And the winner of Legacy Conference 2015 “Populus Dei” was Ciara Jones. Jones won a grant from Daily Bread to have a video done of her winning work, which she would get the rights to and can place on all of her social media outlets.

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6:30 PM | General Session

The evening general session was centered around a panel discussion moderated by Joe Solomon on the people of God and diversity (John 17:11) featuring Elicia HortonJoe ThornLeCrae, and Soong-Chan Rah. The panel members covered topics such as the root of racism, the problem with ignoring ethnic differences, and the importance of diversity starting in a church’s leadership.

Some great dialogue happening with Joe Thorn, Soong-Chan Rah, LeCrae, and Elicia Horton. Moderated by Joseph Solomon

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9:00 PM | Storytellers Spoken Word Experience

Featuring Blair LinneChris WebbEzekielJacqulyn WhangJamaica WestJanette…ikzJoseph SolomonMatt StrangeMicah Bournes, and Preston Perry!

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Natalie Lauren Perfo
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