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Legacy Conference 2016 ‘Missio Dei’ – Day 2 Recap

For those who are unable to attend the Legacy Conference this year, we have you covered! Wade-O Radio team members, Jacob and Mikaela, take you throughout the in’s and out’s of this year’s Legacy experience. We bring to you a brief recap of each event, including the poetry slam, Russell Moore’s general session sermon and the annual Storytellers event.

We believe in the Legacy’s goal of equipping disciple makers with biblically-based tools and hope our small window into the day’s events will convince you to make the trip next year.

The Legacy Conference kept the ball rolling on Friday, July 22, with attendees excited for another day of fellowshipping, learning, and gaining better understanding of the Gospel. 

9:00am General Session | Russell Moore

The general session began with a word of prayer and worship, as attendees were encouraged to grow in the Lord and focus on the Missio Dei. The conference was emceed by J Givens and the general session speaker was Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission director (and popular tweeter) Russell Moore.

“There’s only one thing worse than being a lost pagan … being a lost ‘almost’ Christian”

Dr. Moore exposited on Acts 17:16-23 to address the Missio Dei (mission of God) in the context of a unique and changing culture. In contrast to many evangelical voices of our day, Dr. Moore expresses excitement that our culture no longer assumes people to be religious, simply because the culture we are living in today is most similar to the historical culture where the Gospel first took off.

Dr. Moore concluded by urging the conference attendees to resist the urge to tread quietly in their daily lives, but instead to come boldly with the Gospel in hopes that we might save some.

10:30 Workshops

Workshop | Track: Finding a Better Church without Leaving | Thabiti Anyabwile |

Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile spoke with wisdom on the topic of the Church, it’s members, false prophets, and leadership. Many were able to ask several questions to him about their own experiences and how to honor their pastors, their family member who may be their pastor, to figure out if you should stay at the church you are attending or leave to attend somewhere else.

Pastor Tahiti also spoke on what a unhealthy church may look like and broke down various scriptures to help attendees understand its context. He added the need to be in community and the importance of the Church membership and assembling together.

1:00 PM | Cross Movement Q&A Panel


L to R: The Tonic, DJ Earthquake, Cruz Cordero, The Phanatik, The Ambassador, Tru-Life (Cross Movement Q&A) | Chicago 

The Legendary group, consisting of The Tonic, DJ Earthquake, Cruz Cordero, The Phanatik, The Ambassador, and Tru-Life, had a Q&A panel where attendees could ask the group various questions on their music, experiences within the industry, how God used their music and several others aspect of their career and advice to artists.

2:15 PM | Workshops

Workshop | Track: Church In The City | Dhati Lewis | Missional Living | Sponsored by BLVD

Dhoti Lewis concluded the Church in the City track with an overview of ‘Missional Living’ in his life as Blueprint Church in Atlanta’s Old 4th Ward.

“The Church is not like family, we are family”

It is incredible to see Dhati continue to hold a clear vision for his life and family. Having seen Dhati speak a number of times over the past few years, I am now recognizing the things he says over and over again, things that I need to hear over and over again. This kind of focused ‘mission vision’ is an incredible asset for a body of believers and I feel blessed to catch pieces of it along the way.

If the Church in the City track has interested you at all, be sure to check out BLVD’s upcoming conference for urban disciple makers. I will definitely be making every effort to attend with other disciple makers from my city.

4:30 PM |  Annual Poetry Slam


Winner of the Legacy Poetry Slam, Sarah Amankwah performing her piece | Chicago

Many gathered in expectation for this year’s Legacy Poetry Slam. The annual contest garnered numerous entries, with ultimately six contestants making it to the Slam’s main stage. The Slam was hosted by spoken word artist Jackie Hill-Perry and was judges by fellow spoken word artists Preston Perry, Joe Solomon and Itohan.

The contestants, Ashley, David Wilson, Sarah Smith, Alexander James, Dorthia Purnell, and Sarah Amankwah, all came with strong pieces, laced with literation, metaphors, colorful imagery and gripping lyricism.

In third place was Sarah Smith. In second place was David Wilson. And in the winner of Legacy Conference’s 2016 Poetry Slam was Sarah Amankwah. As the winner of the contest, Sarah performed her piece as the opening artist at the Storytellers Spoken Word Experience.



6:30 PM | General Session | Art Azurdia | Acts 

Art Azurdia took the stage to conclude the conference’s general sessions. Art is a pastor from Portland, Oregon where he serves as an elder alongside Humble Beast artist Odd Thomas.

“It is not wise to complicate what Jesus has made plain…”

Art always speaks with strong conviction about the Word of God and tonight was no exception. He was charged with summarizing the Missio Dei, this year’s conference theme, and consulted the book of Acts. What is the Mission Dei? Is it building affordable housing, making evangelistic art or opening socially conscious business? Art concluded that after all our efforts to confuse and complicate the Missio Dei, Jesus has already made it plain. We are to be witnesses to the nations.

9:00 PM | Storytellers


Levi the Poet performing during Storytellers | Chicago


Friday night closed with the annual Storytellers event featuring spoken word artists from across the country. The lineup included Jackie Hill Perry, Propaganda, Preston Perry, Joseph Solomon, Jimmy Needham, Kevin Perry, Levi the Poet (pictured above), Jamaica West, Lo Alaman, Meladee Evans and Itohan.

Each artist took to the stage multiple times to address the wide variety of topics through old and new pieces. Conference attendees filled the large auditorium as the Storytellers event has become one of the premier pieces of Legacy Conference.

Propaganda delivered the heavy hitter of the evening that both surprised the crowd and left everyone on their feet cheering. Stay tuned for video & audio of the event!

Legacy Conference 20
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