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Lecrae Teases New Album via New Social Media Released Video (#ATWT)

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Lecrae continues to keep his fans eagerly anticipating his new album.  After the successful release of three singles, “Blessings“, “I’ll Find You” and “Hammertime”, Lecrae dropped perhaps the biggest indication to-date that a new album is on the way: a preview video.

The video is basically a montage of footage from of early Lecrae music videos, concert footage and EPK’s while Lecrae’s classic “Don’t Waste Your Life” feat. Dwayne Tryumf and Cam booms in the background.

The video ends with what many take to be a logo with the letters “ATWT.” The acronym is also used in the social media posts for the video via the hashtag, #ATWT.

Steven Solis of Rapzilla has speculated that the acronym is short for “As the World Turns” as have several other fans on twitter.

As I mentioned last night on my own twitter account, I’m personally going with “All Things Work for the Good”, based off of Romans 8:28. Also, I can’t see Lecrae titling his album after a soap opera with all of the controversy that has accompanied him the past few months. But then again, it would be the ultimate troll move.


As more information becomes available about the project, we will let you know.

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