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Lecrae “Gravity” – What I Expected and What I Got

Disclaimer: All views presented in this Album Review are those of the album reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

I don’t know if anyone in CHH has ever seen the success that Lecrae has. The Reach Records front man has built quite the career for himself. He has been at the Grammy’s, on BET, featured on mainstream albums and he is a fixture at the top of the iTunes charts.

Most notably, he has crossed over in a way no one expected. He’s been on songs with Tobymac, Tenth Avenue North, Jimmy Needham and Britt Nicole. But for his 6th full-length project “Gravity,” he was sure to get back to the Lecrae everyone has come to know.

Expectations varied from person to person, but the one thing that was the same from every CHH fan was the anticipation. “Gravity” was easily Lecrae’s most anticipated album.

Expectation – Great Features

One of the most anticipated dates in CHH now, is when the tracklisting is released. It’s a fans first taste of the album. They can begin setting their expectations and predict what the songs will sound like. Lecrae has always had good features just off the strength of his lablemates on Reach. The artists on Reach have set a very high bar with their features on past records, so seeing them all on “Gravity” did create a level of excitement. Throw in Swoope, Sho Baraka, Thi’sl and Big K.R.I.T., and you have the potential for great guest appearances.

What I Got – Pretty Good Features

The big names that joined Lecrae on this record showed up in a big way. Big K.R.I.T., Thi’sl and Swoope were able to lend incredible verses to the project. The Reach family chipped in with strong performances as well, and the vocalists were nothing short of amazing. The features stole the show from Lecrae. That was the problem for me. Lecrae is usually outstanding on features, but on “Gravity” Lecrae was the forgotten artist. The featured artists did their part and Lecrae didn’t hold up his end. That’s why they were only pretty good.


Expectation – Exceptional Production

One of the things Lecrae is most known for as an artist is always having great production. Throughout his entire career he has brought us top-notch production with each record. The expectation for “Gravity” was no different, and the list of producers only raised the expectation.

What I Got – Exceptional Production 

“Gravity” did not disappoint with its production. The word great doesn’t even really do it justice. Anytime a project has a majority of production from Heat Academy and the Watchmen, the production is going to be nuts. “Gravity” far exceeded any expectations with its production. From beginning to end this record bangs.


Expectation – A Complete Album

Throughout his career Lecrae’s overall album quality has been superb. He always has a dope concept and most, if not every, song ties into that concept in some way. There is rarely a song that you just skip over on a Lecrae record.

What I Got – An Album with Holes

The overall album quality on “Gravity” wasn’t great. There were some very good moments, but there were also a few holes. The middle of the record got a little slow and forgettable. Songs like “Confe$$ions” and “Buttons” seemed out of place. That made it difficult to get into the flow of the album because there were songs that didn’t really fit. The concept of the record also seemed to get lost. That affected the listening experience because it played like a collection of songs with no real direction. Granted they were mostly good songs, there wasn’t much flow to the record.



This is far from a bad record. It just didn’t live up to the inevitable hype that was placed on it. The problem with “Gravity” is the success that Lecrae has achieved in his career. He has set the bar so high with his past records, that fans really have no choice but to expect a lot from CHH’s most popular artist.  And unfortunately, Lecrae didn’t deliver what was expected.

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