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Leaders: The 4 C’s Everyone on Your Team Should Have

I’ve made a million mistakes over the years when it comes to adding the right members to a team I was leading. I’ve chosen ball hogs when I played pick-up basketball in high school. I’ve relied on people with Character issues while a supervisor in Corporate America. I’ve hired people to work on Wade-O Radio who didn’t have enough experience. I’ve expected team members to succeed who were afraid of failure.

I could probably write a book on what NOT to do when it comes to building teams.

A couple of years ago, I read Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels. This resource totally changed the game for me. Hybels pastors one of the largest churches in America, Willow Creek Community Church (24,000 Weekend Attendees), and simultaneously built one of the largest church associations, Willow Creek Church Association (13,000 Member Churches), in the world. Needless to say, he knows a thing or two about building teams.

In Courageous Leadership, Hybels discusses building a Kingdom Dream Team in Chapter 4. After detailing some of the areas he has fallen short, he shares the three C’s that every leader should look for when adding new team members to his/her organization.

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Hybels’ three C’s came alive to me when I examined my own team. I noticed that my existing team members who had all three C’s were extremely high achievers. As we’ve added new team members since, I’ve tried to ensure that each possess all three traits. I even added a fourth trait recently, to create what I like to call the 4 C’s Everyone on Your Team Should Have. The 4 C’s are as follows (first three are Hybels’):

1. Character

Will this person do the right thing when no one else is looking? Is he/she committed to living for Jesus? If he/she makes a mistake, will they take full responsibility or will they shift blame? Is the prospective candidate living an unrepentant sinful lifestyle? Is this person reliable? Is he/she a thief? The answers to these questions are critical. People who enter your organization with poor character, will also exhibit poor character on the job or while they serve in your ministry. No leader can afford that. Too much is at stake.

2. Competency

Does this person have the necessary skill set to do this job effectively and consistently? If there are certifications (CPA’s, Lawyers, etc.) or specific training necessary, has this person completed it? Does he/she have enough experience? Do they have the people skills or patience to deal with customers if necessary? If a new team member doesn’t have the intellect or skill set for the position, he/she won’t be an effective team member.  The leader will expect them to deliver something they are currently incapable of producing.

3. Chemistry

This is the one most leaders overlook. Many believe that high character, highly competent people will automatically be able to do the job. Wrong! Look at the long list of sports teams that didn’t win a championship because of chemistry issues. 2011 & 2012 Philadelphia Eagles, 2004 LA Lakers and 2011 Miami Heat. You could argue that on two of those teams they had the best player in their respective leagues, ’04 Lakers and ’11 Heat. Yet, despite possessing superior talent, these teams didn’t win.

Chemistry is important folks! If the new member on your team gossips, doesn’t respect leadership or simply doesn’t want to work with others, the production on your team will decline. Make sure new team members can work well with the existing ones and as Michael Hyatt details here, are aligned once a decision is made.

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4. Courage

Every team will face challenges and difficult situations. The teams who excel during those times are made of team members who have courage. These are the people who you want in a manhole with you. They won’t worry about how you got in the manhole, as that’s your job as the leader. Instead, they will stand beside you fighting to get out. These are the people who will take on Goliath, despite a size disadvantage.

No One is perfect

Everyone may not have all four. In fact, most people won’t have all four when they enter your organization. A great example of this is Jesus’ disciples. Peter wasn’t courageous until after Jesus ascended to heaven. We see this evidenced by his betrayal of Jesus. People even complained about the disciples’ competency, as they initially lacked the ability  to cast out demons. The disciples even argued about who would be the greatest in the Kingdom, thus highlighting their strained chemistry. Despite these shortcomings, Jesus still chose them and worked with them. He saw their desire, understood their weaknesses, yet realized they had potential. As leaders, we must do the same.

Building a team is not easy work. It’s one of the great challenges to leadership. Having the right team, however, can be very rewarding not just for the leader, but also to those who are impacted by the organization the leader leads. Remember to be patient and gracious as you build your team. No one will come to you perfect. As such, use your platform to help empower your team members to be all that God has created them to be. Help them build the character, competency, chemistry and courage that would make God proud of your teams work. Developing others may be your greatest work as a leader.

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