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KJ-52 dedicates mural at Crossover Church to DJ Official


On August 14, legendary CHH DJ and producer Nelson “DJ Official” Chu passed away from complications of a double lung transplant. Many mourned his lost by changing their profile avi’s in his honor, dedicating radio shows and mixes to him, and donating to the YouCaring Fund for his wife and two daughters.

Like those who shared stories on social media or changed their profile picture, veteran artist KJ-52 decided to create a mural to pay tribute to DJ Official. KJ-52 has known Fish for almost 15 years, and first heard of him back in 1997 through a mutual friend.

“On many occasions, I had him out to DJ for me when my regular DJ was unavailable. He was actually the first guy to connect me musically with Lecrae (who kept turning me down for features at the time), when he put me on the remix for “Show Off” from his first album Entermission,” KJ-52 told Wade-O Radio.

He remembers Fish as being a “behind-the-scenes type of guy who had a knack for bridge building.” KJ recently recalled how before he passed, DJ Official did an amazing remix of “Fight Music” – a song he did with Lecrae and Propaganda. KJ had hoped to connect with him in Columbus, Ohio, but DJ Official was too sick.

For KJ-52, the mural was an avenue to pay his respect.

“I did this mural for him as it was my way of dealing with him passing and trying to honor his contribution to the culture and to my life,” KJ-52 told Wade-O Radio.

He continued to add that Crossover was the perfect place to have the mural painted.

“It was only fitting to do it at Crossover Church, as that was where he had his last release party and his family lives close by.”

Tommy “Urban D.” Kyllonen, author, artist and lead pastor of Crossover Church, strongly agreed with KJ-52 when he received a call from him about the mural.

“In 2010, we hosted his [DJ Official’s] release concert for Entermission with Reach Records. When KJ called me to ask about doing the mural at Crossover Church, I finished his sentence for him with a YES, let’s do it!”

Urban D. knew DJ Official for over 16 years, and has had several songs produced by him, along with DJ Official DJ’ing for him at concerts and performing at his church. He only found it fitting that the mural would be at Crossover.

“We are excited to be able to honor Fish, as Crossover is an iconic place for our movement, as we host the annual Flavor Fest conference and many other events throughout the year,” he told Wade-O Radio.

He went on to add, “People will be able to stop in and see the mural on the back of the building and remember a CHH legend.”

When it comes to the mural, KJ-52 is satisfied with the final results.

“I was really happy how the piece turned out. It was genuine, full of life and a little bit abstract. Just like him.”

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