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Kirk Franklin talks about Hip Hop, Faith, Kanye West & Chance The Rapper in MTV Mini-Documentary


Kirk Franklin’s music career has spanned over 20 years of songs, awards and collaborations. He has been known for his greatest hits in the Gospel industry and for collaborating with some of the music industry’s most talented entertainers, but it doesn’t come with out controversy.

In a MTV News mini-documentary titled, “The Gospel According to Kirk Franklin”, he spoke in-depth about his faith, the state of Hip hop, and collaborating with Kanye West and Chance The Rapper.

Franklin spoke on his upbringing and how he’s been amazed by the impact his music brings.

“I didn’t know that people would enjoy my music like that.” He continued, “I’m not the dopest singer, and there’s a lot I’m still learning.”

Franklin was raised in the church but was also raised in hip hop, and for him, the two became very natural to bring together. Along with putting those two worlds together, he has faced backlash and criticism.

“Some of the comments I’ve had of who I worked with, has kind of been the narrative of my career. In the 90’s it was with Salt. And you know with R. Kelly, Bono, and Mary J. – you know that has kind of been a constant in my life.”

Earlier in the year, he appeared on SNL with Kanye West, as a feature on his song, “Ultra Light Beam”. Franklin spoke on the controversy, the criticism he received from a lot of Christians, and how painful it was for people to question his integrity and Christianity.

“Who is to say that someone is so far that God’s love can’t grab them where they are?” “But you know, we don’t go get them because we don’t want to leave the rules or the porch of the church, and so we don’t go.”

Franklin also spoke on his relationship with Chance The Rapper and working with him.

“When I first heard that Chance The Rapper was somebody who even knew my music and knew who I was. I mean, he knew more about my music than I did. He talked about my influence on him, how he used to listen to my music when he was young in church, and how my music influences his music now.”

Speaking on not only his relationship with mainstream hip hop, Franklin also highlighted the issues we all face today and the need to speak on those issues.

“Over the last fifteen years, we’ve had police killings, we’ve had tsunamis, we’ve had terror attacks, I mean, we’ve had several global, painful things happened. And you do not see that reflected, not only in Gospel music, but in black music,” said Franklin.

He went on to say how he has been bothered by the fact that real life issues are not reflected in music.

“It’s dope when a Kendrick comes out, it’s dope when a J. Cole comes out, it’s dope when a Lecrae comes out. But it’s too many of us with microphones to leave it up to three or four. And it’s not just hip hop’s job, it’s music’s job.”

Franklin is humbled by the impact his music has had on others and is aiming to continue to be a light for others.

“I’m trying to change the image of what people perceive Christians to be, and I do believe that every Christian is created to be a light.”

You can read the full cover story, HERE.

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