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Concert Review: KB // Tempo Tour // Chicago, IL


Reach Records artist KB recently completed the 13-city Tempo Tour featuring Tauren Wells, Blanca, Joseph Solomon & DJ Sincere. Wade-O contributor Jacob Titus (IG: @West.SB) hit up the Chicago stop to capture the scene. The sold-out show packed the venue’s two levels with fans who brought a high level of energy from start to finish.

Tauren Wells at the Tempo Tour

Blanca at the Tempo Tour

Opening sets from Tauren Wells and Blanca featured up-tempo songs while Joseph Solomon slowed things down with acoustic and poetic pieces. Fans who attended Legacy Conference this summer instantly recognized a couple of Joe’s songs from his set at Legacy Fest. After hearing what he’s working on twice in the past couple months I cannot wait for an upcoming project.

Joseph Solomon at the Tempo TourJoseph Solomon live in Concert at the Tempo Tour

KB looks over the crowd at the Tempo Tour in Chicago

KB performs with Passion during the Tempo Tour

KB hits his rhythm during the Tempo Tour

KB in concert during the Tempo Tour in ChicagoKB Discusses the life and legacy of DJ Official

KB on stage at the Tempo

KB is widely regarded as one of our sub-genre’s greatest performers and the Tempo Tour continued to build his case. From the smoke-filled entrance to the signature “go crazy when the shirt hits the ground” beat drop and a laundry list of up-tempo hits the crowd was fully and constantly engaged. Personally, my favorite moment was when KB sat down to give a heartfelt tribute to DJ Official. He talked about DJ Official’s crucial role in his career with Reach and undying faith throughout many years of uncertain physical health. It is impossible to see KB perform without leaving with a clear picture of what a life captured by Jesus looks like.


KB Tempo Tour

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Jacob Titus is the breaking news editor for and the director of The Beacon, a community center on the west side of South Bend, IN. Follow him on Twitter @_titusj.

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