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KB Speaks on Police Brutality & American Race Relations (Pt. 1)

Legacy 2015 went down at a pivotal time in America with race relations seeming to be at an all time low. DJ Wade-O talks with Reach Records recording artist, KB, who recalls his own recent experiences with police. KB also gives good Biblical insight on the overall aspect of race and how it should be approached as believers.

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Executive Produced by DJ Wade-O
Directed by: JBTZ XCLSV
Footage Shot By Seb Young & JBTZ XCLSV
Video Edited by Larissa Lamothe
Audio Edited by Daniel Cody
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New Video: Corey Pau
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DJ Wade-O is a New Jersey-based DJ, Radio Host/Producer and blogger who loves Jesus.  He's married and has 3 kids. He also has a tendency to binge watch TV Series via Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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