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KB Speaks on His Disagreements w/ Lecrae and shai linne, New album Today We Rebel, #DNOU


KB stops through the JahRock’n Studios for the first time in his latest interview with DJ Wade-O about his upcoming album “Today We Rebel” and the topics surrounding its creation. Much has transpired since our last talk with him at Legacy Conference in 2015, so we had A LOT to catch on.


[2:04] – New Album Details
[5:02] – Vision behind single “DNOU”
[7:50] – Parallels of song with NFL owners/players discrepencies
[8:18] – How we should be aligned to Jesus/Bible, not Government/Politics
[10:42] – His heart on the moves that Lecrae has made to this point
[15:10] – How he differs from Lecrae
[17:06] – KB’s thoughts on Shai Linne’s song from this summer
[21:05] – Fostering healthy conversations in the body
[23:34] – CHH being a catalyst in sparking dialog on race in the American church.
[28:00] – Being intentional about reaching EVERYONE
[29:30] – Making music for everyone
[30:30] – The new Native North Brand Mission, Vision, and Plans
[35:00] – Hometeam Tour & Tempo Tour Recap
[37:33] – Wade Encourages KB
[40:30] – Reason for space between projects
[42:27] – Staying grounded in his community and family life

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Twitter: @kb_hga |

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