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KamBINO ‘InDependence’ Full Album Artwork, Track List and Production Credits


Wade-O Radio has obtained the album art, track list and production credits for Kambino’s sophomore album ‘InDependence’.  The project will be released independently  thru digital retailers like iTunes and on July 9, 2013.

When asked by Wade-O Radio if the project’s title was play on the fact that he is now an independent artist, KamBINO shot down that notion. “Being independent now vs. signed is one minor aspect of it but it goes WAAAaaay deeper than that,” said Kam.  “I think everything from the complete album artwork to the individual songs to the whole body of work really portrays it perfectly.”

KamBINO – ‘InDependence’ Album Cover and Artwork

Kam worked with Toledo, Ohio naitive Cage for the album Cover and Art direction.  Cage is also responsible for the Martin Luther King Jr. Mugshot inspired album cover design for R-Swift’s new CD Apply Pressure.

KamBINO – ‘InDependence’ Track List and Production Credits

1. Awkward Silence (Warning Shots) [Produced by Flawless Tracks]
2. Eternal (The Whole Time) [Produced by Kajmir Royale]
3. Chuckin’ (ft. FlyBoy) [Produced by Flawless Tracks]
4. Make Believe (ft. J. Carter)  [Produced by Flawless Tracks]
5. Crabs [Produced by Flawless Tracks]
6. In War, In Peace (INTERLUDE) [Produced by Jonathan Baker]
7. All My Friends [Produced by Kajmir Royale]
8. IN·DEPENDENCE (ft. Bink) [Produced by HotRod /Tapebreaker Entertainment]
9. Battleground (ft. Canaan Micah Miller) [Produced by RaCharm]
10. TMI (INTERLUDE) [Produced by HotRod/Tapebreaker Entertainment]
11. Cheers (ft. HarVey) [Produced by Flawless Tracks]
12. Beautiful Rain (ft. Lauren Monique) [Produced by Kajmir Royale]
13. Winter Flow (ft. Christon Gray) [Produced by Flawless Tracks]
14. Promise Unkept [Produced by Flawless Tracks]
15. A Defining Moment (INTERLUDE) [Produced by Jonathan Baker]
16. MOTH (All I Need ) [Produced by Flawless Tracks]
17. I Don’t Belong (ft. Pastor AD3) [Produced by Flawless Tracks]
18. Seiko [Produced by Kajmir Royale]

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