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New Music: KamBINO – “Eternal (The Whole Time)”

Kambino new music

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Song: “Eternal (The Whole Time)”
Produced by: Kajmir Royale (KajmirBeats)
Album: InDependence

KamBINO is back with a brand new single called “Eternal (The Whole Time).”  The song is produced by Kajmir Beats and is the first single from his new project InDependence.

In an email to Wade-O Radio, KamBINO stated that the meaning behind the song is two-fold. “One, it speaks to how even though I haven’t been ‘seen’ on the scene, I didn’t really disappear.  I was just in a season of being prepared for where God was taking me next – spiritually and musically,” explains Kam.  “It also speaks to how in that phase I gained independence from the opinions of religion and critics as I am moving closer to embracing what God called me to be and do.”

KamBINO also warns against loosing faith because we haven’t arrived at our final destination. “Whatever God has called you to be is in you and it’s been there the whole time.  He’ll finish the work He started and the world will see it in his timing.”

Kam’s new project InDepenence drops July 9th.


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