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K-Drama Announces ‘Wish It Was Sooner’ Tracklisting


After announcing his new project last week, K-Drama is back with the tracklisting for Wish It Was Sooner. The project is K-Drama’s 2nd album since leaving Cross Movement Records and contains unreleased songs recorded between 2005-2013.

The project is expected for release on May 12, 2014. Check out the tracklisting and cover art below:

Wish It Was Sooner Cover Art


Wish It Was Sooner Tracklisting

1.Believe (2013)*
2.Excellent Greatness (2013)*
3. Live It Up (2011)*
4. My Life Is Humbling (2013)*
5. Dealing with Pain ft. Dre Murray & Charde Jones (2007)*
6. Perspective (2013)*
7. So Many Distractions (2008)*
8. I Hate The Devil (2012)*
9. Friendly Fire Ft. Young Conscience, Young Joshua
&  Jehovah’s Boy (2011)^
10. PTL (2011)*
11. Came A Long Way Ft. Kenny Mathis & Charde Jones (2005) #
12. Stadium Praise Varsity Remix Ft. Young Joshua, 
Bumps Inf, Pettidee, & Charde Jones (2014)* (Bonus Song)
13. On My Bill Cosby (2012)* (Bonus Song)

*-Produced by K-Drama
^-Produced by Tony Stone & Tone Jonez
#-Produced by B of 4Sight Sounds


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