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Judge and Jury

An article in Psychological Science, researchers found that it takes 1/10 of a second to form an opinion of someone from a first impression. That is scary! How many first impressions have you had within the past 3 days? The interview you had, the blind date you went on, the new cousin you met, the friend of a friend you were introduced to, and the cashier at the store, all had an opinion about you from first meeting you. They may have thought you dressed tacky, didn’t smell nice, or you could have done a better job with your hair. You were judged in a split second. It doesn’t feel good to know that people just make their own opinion about you within that short amount of time. They don’t even know you! But to be honest, we all do it.

Have you ever seen a homeless person and said “Get a job.” Or a single parent and said “You did this to yourself.” Have you ever wondered why a member of your family is always broke? Or seen a marriage fail and said “I don’t think they tried.” Some of us say these things outloud and others of us just think them, either way, it is not pleasing in the sight of God. Although, everyone feels some sort of way about everything, when our thoughts and actions are negative toward people, that is sin. (James 2:9)

We all are different and go through different things at different times. We are not to look down on anyone because of a situation in their life and how it has affected them, no matter if it is their fault or not. Even if people do not do the same things you do, do not forget “God has accepted him.”(Romans 14:3c) In Luke 6:37 and Romans 14:13, we have been commanded not to judge each other. Let us all do a better job to control and stop our judgemental thoughts and comments, but instead to focus on showing love to each other.


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