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JSon Speaks on ‘Braille’, Engaging the Culture and Lack of Female CHH Artists (Full Interview)

Tune in as DJ Wade-O talks with Saint Louis naitive JSon of Lampmode Recordings about his new album Braille, Engaging the Culture, The Lack of female artists in Christian Hip Hop and more.

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Json On Making his first single “Work – “When I first made that song, I didn’t even know what EDM was really.”

Json  On his growth musically as an artist: “7 years ago I would have hated “Work.” But that’s because I didn’t know anything else. I don’t want to be boxed in. I’m not a hood rapper…I want people to see every side of me.”

Json On discovering his lane musically: City Lights was THE Most difficult record I made in my life. That record almost didn’t come out.”

Json On His new album:Braille is similar to music. You can’t see it, but you can feel it.”

Json On Secrets Pt 1 & 2Secrets 1 was about my wife’s situation…Secrets 2 is written from the spouse of the victim, from my perspective.”

Json On working with Bizzle: “Me and Bizzle have a relationship. We talk on the phone. He’s a good dude.”

Json On Flame’s Song “#1 Spot – “I thought the song was dope and I thought the song was true.”

Json On Rapper’s as Pastors: “Our hearts are looking for someone of something to latch on to. We’ll never be at a place where those lines aren’t blurred.”

Json On Christian Rap and the Local Church: “For a long time, we’ve looked at Christian Rap to do what the church should be doing. We’re looking for Christian Rap to fix unhealthy church places.”

Json On the lack of Women Artists in Christian Hip Hop: “The Lord burdens with the burden of home. For children, what their home looks like smells like…Music in a lot of cases can pull you away from that…Home life has affected their ability to commit time to the music to the genre.”

You can stream or download the interview below:

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In our interview, we spoke with JSon about:

– (1:20) – The Black Out Circuit Tour with Flame
– (2:21) – The Decision To make an EDM Influenced song in “Work.
– (3:20) – The Musical Direction of Braille
– (6:57) – Not being pigeon holed as an artist
– (11:14) – The Concept behind the new album Braille
– (15:41) – The background of Secrets Pt 2
– (20:18) – How he got Bizzle on his album
– (24:09) – His song “Intoxicated” on Braille
– (27:03) – His Thoughts on Flame’s “#1 Spot” song
– (28:24) – Rapper’s aren’t Pastors
– (39:44) – The Lack of Female Rappers in Christian Hip Hop
– (49:14) – The difference between impacting the music industry and the street aspect of Hip Hop Culture
– (52:45) – Legacy Conference 2013
– (53:51) – Thoughts on Cross Movement’s Legacy and the Postponement of the CMR Honors
– (1:01:45) – Books that have impacted him


JSon’s Contact:

– Facebook : |  Twitter: JSon116

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