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JSon Announces New Album Title: ‘Braille,’ Details Meaning


Json announced the title of his new album last night via twitter.

Last week, the Lampmode Artist and 116 Clique member released the first single from his upcoming album, “Work,” featuring Spec and produced by Derek Minor.  This week, he announced the name of his new album, “Braille.”



This isn’t an ode to the Humble Beast artist and co-owner.  The title, JSon said, was originally birthed out of his love for music.

“First off, I think music is similar to braille in that you can’t see it but you can feel it. That’s where the quote comes from”, JSon told Wade-O Radio. “I think music connects to us and sets moments in place for us.  When I think about how I want to be remembered as an artist it’s [not] the best lyricist, performer or most hype.  I want people to say man I felt his music.  It was something to connect too.”

When JSon released “Growing Pains” last year, fans and critics alike noticed that JSon was more experimental with his music.  He included more styles than the typical midwest bounce and crunk music that long-time fans had grown accustomed too.  “Growing Pains” had R&B, pop and even dance music influences.  While, it appears that “Braille” will have a strong emphasis on music, JSon promised that new and old fans a like will appreciate this project.

“I have a ‘Secrets 2’ on there and you will musically feel a connection to ‘Growing Pains.’  But it will have more bangers than ‘Growing Pains’ for those who enjoyed ‘City Lights,'” he said.

Json also assured that “Braille” will stand on its own.

Spiritually, the project is anchored in Hebrews 11, the faith hall of fame.  In discussing his passion for this text, he quoted a lyric that he said is from the first song on the album: “You can’t see it but believe it cause believing got me seeing so I’m certain that my faith is true.”  Json said that line was based off of the first three verses of chapter 11.

“Faith is the conviction of the things unseen as stated in this text,” he said.

With each release, JSon has grown his fan base and delved deeper into his content.  Only time will tell if he is able to continue this trend.  If the spiritual emphasis of this project is any indication, listeners should have faith in what God has already done.

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