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Joey Prophet ‘Starving the Flesh’ Listening Session

New life. New artist. New music. Starving The Flesh from Joey Prophet is a testimony of new life and walk with Christ. Starving the Flesh, is a reminder that we cannot feed our flesh but instead we should feed our spirit with the things of God. Joey Prophet gives us a peek of his debut album before it is available for purchase on November 12th.  Track list, album art and production credits are below.


Joey Prophet’s album cover for “Starving the Flesh” (Click Image to enlarge)

Joey shared with ” To be able to walk away from the things that will hinder us from the kingdom and seeking our Glorious God.Often times, we call ourselves Christians and we’re much more in tune with the title then what it really entails. We put a front for people to make ourselves seem like true followers but in truth we’re not. I’ve been a victim of this myself”.

Starving The Flesh features hits such as Going Home, Grace, and Worship feat. Kambino. Take a listen below and enjoy this testimony put to music.

Joey Prophet- Starving the Flesh Track List

1. Starving the Flesh
2. Praises Due
3. Used to Be (feat. Corbett)
4. Going Home
5. Hypnosis
6. Preach (feat. Raze and da Kid Nolo)
7. Play Ya Part (feat. J Carter)
8. Grace (feat. Ashleigh Munn)
9. Good Morning (feat. Bumps Inf)
10. Falling (feat. Raze and Tess)
11. Worship Skit
12. Worship (feat. Kambino)
13. The Burial
14. Elevation
15. My World
16. My God Be So Official
17. Reality Is Heaven (feat. Speez)
18. Tik Tok (feat. GS)
19. Ventilation
20. Israel

Make sure you pick up this album!

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