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Jesus is the Reason For the Season

Question: When you think of Christmas, what do you think of first?  Jesus birth or what presents you are getting?

Does finding the perfect gift for someone take precedence over the  birth of our Lord and Personal Savior?  Do you find yourself saying Happy Holidays to others instead Merry Christmas, so as not to offend?

I don’t know your heart. Therefore, I won’t judge you based on your answers.  I do know my own heart though, and I’ll share it with you.

This Christmas Season, the Lord really showed my wife Belinda and I a lot.  First, I realized how much of a focus I had placed on buying things and giving to others.

Now you may look at that and say, well, you were doing things for others, “isn’t that a good thing?”

Absolutely not.  Giving is a great thing.

My problem was I focused more on giving than on the one who provided me with the means to give.

Sure,  Jesus birth came to mind when I thought of Christmas. His birth wasn’t my initial thought though. I even fell into the Happy Holidays trap a few times.

So, was Jesus really the reason for the season in my heart?

God re-focused me this holiday season.  He basically put me in a position where all I could do was reflect on just how marvelous and magnificent the set of events recorded in Matthew Chapters 1 and 2 as well as Luke 1-2 really were.

Sketch pointed this out best on his blog, when he quoted the Book of John:

The Word became flesh.


A few verses prior, John wrote in chapter 1, verse 1 “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God.”  So Jesus birth, marked the time when God became flesh.  Couple that with the Old Testament prophets like Isaiah who prophesied about Jesus. The word written by those prophets became a reality and subsequently flesh.

Perhaps the greatest thing about that phrase is the purpose behind it: Our justification with God.

If the Word never becomes flesh, Jesus never goes to Calvary, and we are still dead in our sin, unable to reconcile back to a Holy God.

Prayerfully, you thought about that a great deal during this Holiday season.  Santa Clause, the latest 50% off sale or what someone bought you, pales in comparison to that.

Jesus truly is the greatest gift of all.  We should be thankful to God 365 days a year for that gift.

Now I gotta be real, I still like to give.  As such, here are a few links that blessed me a great deal this Christmas Season and helped me put things into the proper perspective:

•    Paul Sheppard: Do You Have Room For the Savior?

Listen: {audio}{/audio}

•    Charles Stanley: The Greatest Gift of All Parts 1 & 2
•    James MacDonald: Jesus, Lord of Lords: Surrender to Him – Parts B & C
•    Greg Laurie: Don’t Miss Christmas Parts I & II

Also, my wife and I did a CD/Podcast for Christmas this year.  If you haven’t downloaded it, you can get it by clicking here or here.

Episode 77: Intervie
Devotional: Milk: Ho

DJ Wade-O is a New Jersey-based DJ, Radio Host/Producer and blogger who loves Jesus.  He's married and has 3 kids. He also has a tendency to binge watch TV Series via Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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