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Is The Cross Really Enough?

is the cross really enough

This is a collaboration piece by Wade-O Radio Team members Rasheda and Mikaela.

Christians. Human representatives of Christ. More often than not, we are bad ambassadors. Ever wondered why God chose you? Me? Any of us to do His will? He knew that we are/would be liars, lustful, hateful, drunks, racists, judgemental, envious, fornicators, adulterers, homosexuals, gossipers, thieves, lazy, drug addicts, impure, worriersconceited, disrespectful, idolators, and a whole lot more. He knew that we wouldn’t be good enough so He sent Jesus. But is that enough?

We recently celebrated the miracle that causes us to be Christians, Jesus’ resurrection.

Had Jesus not died and rose again, we would still be in a world filled with no hope and no fellowship with God. But because of Jesus’ sacrifice, He conquered sin, death, and hell for us. It should be more than just a day, a season, a time of year, but a lifelong celebration that Jesus not only rose from the dead but rose in our dead hearts to give us eternal life. But is that enough?

Is the work that Jesus did on the cross really enough?

Yes, it is enough. But do you feel that it is always enough? More often than not, we all experience a sense of inadequacy. You may say to yourself ‘Why me Lord? Why did you pick me? I don’t ask in a sense of God making a mistake. But I ask wanting to figure out what the Lord saw in filthy ol’ me. I reek of sin. And I’m not the only one who knows. People around me are figuring it out. And God alone knows that I’ve been foul since birth.’ Knowing you are not worthy of the salvation God has placed on your life can often make you feel that you have to work extra hard to keep it, or even try to supplement it.

Inadequacy will show you that you’ll always come up short

Knowing that the cross is enough but still try to work for acceptance, will leave you feeling like whatever you do for the Lord is never enough. You seek to perfect the craft of being a Christian, which you cannot do. You may even begin to feel that He should’ve just chosen someone else. Soon you will realize that you cannot pay God back, and begin to feel like you aren’t good enough and not pleasing Him.

We have all been less than perfect Christians. We have messed up, and we will mess up again. God will not hate you or leave you because you messed up. Stop beating yourself up. Repent and keep going. You are right. You’re not good enough. By yourself you never will be good enough. If you were good enough, you wouldn’t need Jesus. God gets joy out of using the least to do His will. The focus should not be on being the perfect Christian or how long you can avoid sin. That doesn’t make God happy. When sin is the focus, it has become your god. What makes Him happy is when you love Him more than you love anything or anyone else.

When you love Him more, you love sin less.

Our salvation does not require supplementation. You can’t add on to it to make you look ‘better’ in God’s eyes. God doesn’t put stipulations on our prayer life, the amount of time spent in worship, or the service we do in the church. He doesn’t say that you have to listen to at least five hours of Christian music a day or enroll in seminary to please Him. He is not impressed with our works. Our righteousness is as filthy rags! The work that Jesus did on the cross stands alone. As Christians, when God sees us, He doesn’t see our sin, our filth, our inadequacy; but He sees Jesus. He is our connection, substitute, and righteousness. And that is enough. We should depend on His victory and that alone. We cannot do anything good enough that would impress God except place our faith in the grace of the cross.

Inadequacy will cause you to run to Christ

This wretched sin which is inside of me makes me sick, but it also compels me to run to God faster than Usain Bolt. You will only find solace in knowing that Jesus covers any slack that you have. As Christians, sometimes the meaning behind what really happened on Calvary may seem distant, lack-luster, or even ‘no big deal’ because we don’t fully rely on the cross as we should. But you should find yourself relying on the cross more than anything because you know without it, you are nothing.

But never lose the importance of what happened at the cross.

The symbol of the cross for some is just a fashion trend. For others, it is the reason they can live a born-again life, because Christ came and died on a cross. Victory is in the symbolization of the cross. It was said in scripture ‘curse is any man who is hung on a tree.’ But the day our Lord was innocently accused, convicted, beaten, sentenced, and forced to carry the cross up to Golgotha, it was enough. The day the veil that separated us from God was torn to allow us free access to God, the cross was enough. The day when we no longer needed to make a sacrifice to the Lord, because Christ became the Ultimate Sacrifice, the cross was enough. The day He hung His head and said ‘It is finished’ showed that the cross was enough. The day death and the grave could not hold our Lord, and it was defeated, the cross was enough. And because Christ lives after defeating sin and death, the cross is enough. When faced with a whole lot of ‘me’ (you) and the many issues that are faced on a daily, just look at the victory in the cross.

The gift that is free for us came at Jesus’ expense. He went through pain, humiliation, suffering, and sin for you and me. God does not require perfection. He requires that you rely on the work of the cross. He wants you to do your best to be like Jesus, but He knows that you are not Jesus. He needs you, flaws and all, to share the Gospel with the world. The cross is and will always be enough.

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