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Interview: V.Rose on Being an Independent Artist, Reveals New Album Name + More

It’s been 3 years since we’ve had a talk with this singer and song writer from the Bay Area. Back then she had just signed a new deal with a record label, and has since joined the trend of established artists going independent. We talk about her music silence, her feelings on being independent, reveals her upcoming album name and more.

[0:48] – Intro
[1:05] – Assessing the transition to being independent
[3:21] – Wade compliments her writing skills
[5:17] – Her music roots
[6:48] – Why not just do a CHH album?
[8:00] – What her next album will be like + Title Reveal
[9:02] – Being able to still tour despite not releasing new music
[11:02] – Almost burning out
[13:04] – Thoughts surrounding leaving a label and going indy
[17:55] – What inspires her music now
[23:15] – Experiment with her music
[24:18] – When she’ll drop her new album/music
[26:38] – Her social media presence

Artist Info:
Twitter/IG: @vrosemusic |

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