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[Infographic] 19 Types of Christians

19 Types of Christians Info Graphic

I always find it interesting to see how the World views us as believers.  Some think that all churches do praise and worship like this.  Some think that all of us should be as vocal about our faith as Tim Tebow.  Yet, others believe that all Pastor’s “minister” like many of the televangelists we see on TBN, Daystar or BET.

Regardless, Jesus said we should be known by our love for one another (John 13:35).  Therefore, if we are known by anything else, we could potentially be giving Christ a bad name.

I came across this info graphic that poked fun at 19 stereotypical Christians. While many of these are bad representations of our faith, some are hilarious.  Others are actually biblically sound and would be great for any Christian to strive for (See: Serving the Poor and Salt of the Earth).

Christian Hip Hopers even get a shout out in the first description.  (For the record I hope that isn’t reflective of our community)

Ironically, I saw some of myself in several of the descriptions (Holier Than Thou) and immediately thought about the ways that I could be a bad representative of a Christ. Like you, I want to represent Christ well at all times.


  • Which Description Below Best Represents You?


19 Types of Christians
From: Online Christian Colleges

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