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How Humble Tip Got His Face on a Van

About to be en route to Liberty University after a concert, Jason “Humble Tip” Lewis pulled the handle of his driver’s side door and the window of his Enterprise rental exploded.

“Glass shattered and flew everywhere,” Humble Tip told Wade-O Radio’s David Daniels. “I don’t know what happened. I can’t explain it scientifically. Maybe it was a spiritual attack. I don’t know.”

Given that he just released his latest album Free Thinking on Feb. 3 (and that this story just quoted him), one has hopefully already realized that Humble Tip lived. He walked away from the explosion with only minor cuts.

Humble Tip, a national recruiter for Liberty, also walked away with a realization that he needed to ask the university for another means of transportation. Whether Liberty offered him a school vehicle or a rental service, it didn’t matter. Humble Tip’s desire to spend his own money to have windows blow up in his face, though, had just departed.

But Liberty had another idea.

“Instead of giving you a permanent rental vehicle or card where you can rent vehicles from Enterprise all the time,” said Humble Tip, quoting a Liberty representative, “how about we give you a 15-passenger van with your face on it?”

This sounded like a plan to Humble Tip, but he didn’t actually expect it to happen. After all, how many national recruiters have a van with their face on it?

Humble Tip does.

“About three weeks later, someone tosses me some keys,” he said, “and God is good.”

Humble Tip’s relationship with Liberty isn’t limited to what the two sides can do for each other. It’s organic, beginning when he attended there as an undergrad.

Liberty’s environment introduced him to Christian hip-hop culture. And it had him hooked.

“I fell head over heels in love with the culture and the fellowship that it afforded me with other likeminded believers,” said Humble Tip. “I just started rapping. Liberty embraced the vision, the art, my personality and then God used Liberty to change almost every area of my life.”

Without Liberty, Humble Tip admitted, he would’ve never started rapping.

Eight months after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in health promotions, he returned to pursue a master’s in health and wellness while serving as an admissions counselor, which he didn’t fall head over heals in love for. The admissions role that he played for the next two and a half years involved him sitting in a cubicle, wearing a headset and taking what seemed to be like thousands of phone calls a day.

The school rewarded his hard work, while also recognizing that his ability could be used better elsewhere.

“Eventually, Liberty University saw that it was in its best interest to use my platform, my persona and my personality in front of live people,” said Humble Tip.

Today, the rapping recruiter travels the nation telling high school students why they should enroll in Liberty University—something he would do even if the school had never given him a job or van with his face on it.

“[Liberty] is a magnificent place,” said Humble Tip. “It is not void of flaw. There are things that will change that need to change, but it’s a magnificent institution. And I support it because of how God used it to change my life.”

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