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Humble Beast Announces Beautiful Eulogy, Eshon Burgundy, Foreknown Albums


In a recent google hangout, Humble Beast co-founders Braille and Odd Thomas confirmed the next three Humble Beast album releases.  Beautiful Eulogy, Eshon Burgundy and Foreknown are all scheduled to drop projects in 2013.

Beautiful Eulogy – Instruments of Mercy

beautiful eulogy

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Beautiful Eulogy will follow their critically-acclaimed 2012 project, Satellite Kite, with a new album entitled Instruments of Mercy.  The crew has posted several in-studio shots of the recording process from their Portland, Oregon studios.  Based on the instruments shown in the photos, many are speculating that the trio will continue to build off of the artsy, folk sound they developed on Satelite Kite.

Sources close to the label have also confirmed to Wade-O Radio that Humble Beast Co-Founder and Beautiful Eulogy frontman Braille recently spent several days  recording music with Wit and Swoope of Collision Records in Wit’s Delaware studio.  We’re not sure if these sessions were for the Beautiful Eulogy album or a potential Braille solo album.  Regardless the combination is certainty intriguing.

Eshon Burgundy – The Sky Above the Blaze


Eshon Burgundy will drop an album this year.

Braille and Odd Thomas also confirmed that Humble Beasts’ newest signee, Eshon Burgundy, will release an album in 2013.  The title of that project will be The Sky Above the Blaze.  Braille and Thomas even shed light on how the Portland, Oregon label signed Burgundy.

According to Braille, they initially admired his music and ministry from afar, but never met him.  Later on, Beautiful Eulogy was scheduled to do several concerts in Texas and subsequently discovered that Eshon had recently moved there.  Braille reached out and they all decided to link up.

“That’s when we got a chance to hear his heart [and] hear his vision. We were just initially attracted to the quality of his work, his work ethic, his character, his integrity, his passion [and] the likemindedness that we shared,” explained Braille. “There was just an abundance of pieces that fit together.”  A trip was then set-up for Eshon to come to Portland and the rest, as they say, was history.

Eshon also mentioned the mutual admiration. For him the relationship really began with his collaboration with Juan Love and Braille on the Strght & Nrrw Mixtape. “It felt good. It didn’t feel like anything you had to work hard at or make happen,” Eshon said.

 Foreknown – Rungs of a Ladder Laid Flat


Foreknown will release his first project since 2008.

In the same chat, Braille, confirmed that Foreknown’s album will be the next project the label releases.  The album, which is entitled Rungs of a Ladder Laid Flat, was recorded, mixed and mastered in Portland at the Humble Beast studios.   This will be Foreknown’s first release since 2008’s The Ugliness of Beauty EP.

“I had a lot of fun on the album.  People should expect a lot of light-hearted tracks,” Forknown stated.  He cautioned that the project isn’t all fun and games though.  “I try to be really transparent on this album,” he went on. “I wrote a love song to my wife…[where I] delve into my previous divorce and the scars I felt from that and how I felt ashamed and was hiding because I was a covenant breaker.” Foreknown says the song concludes with his thankfulness to God for bringing him out of that season.

Date’s haven’t been confirmed for any of the projects as of yet.  The release order has though.  Foreknown’s Rungs of a Ladder Laid Flat will be the next release.  Beautiful Eulogy’s Instruments of Mercy will follow.  Eshon’s The Sky Above the Blaze will then round things out.

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