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How the death of Ki’Shon Furlow’s Step-Father shaped the song “Soul Slip”


When it comes to Christian hip hop, the market is crowded with a slew of artists on the come up. New up and comers are paving their way through the genre and are starting to make a name for themselves.

This is where ‘On the Radar’ comes in. We place a bug in your ear about the artists that we’re feeling, and you should too.

Many times, when it comes to battle rappers as artists, their music isn’t that good. It is a crutch that has plagued some battle rappers who are stuck with this constant stigma.

This is a crutch that does not stick to Arkansas-native Ki’Shon Furlow, who is starting to make a name for himself, not only in his home league – the DFW Battle League – but also among the genre.

In January, he teamed up with Texas native and fellow artist and battle rapper Street Hymns to release their collaborative EP Kings and Vagabonds.

In his debut battle in the DFW league in March, he made himself more than “Street Hymns side kick,” but a viable contender and standout within the league.

At the 2015 Legacy Conference in July, Ki’Shon won the Rap Showcase and received high praise from judges Odd Thomas, Json, and Natalie Lauren. After that, he was a guest artist on the Dream Junkies tour in Texas, and was recently featured on Alex Faith’s Bloodlines bonus track “Roof,” featuring Louisiana rapper Aha Gazelle.

On October 20, 2015 he released his free project, Keep an Open Mind, as a Exclusive, and it garnered some praise.

Ki’Shon is making music that he says consists of different sounds. He also says that #KAOM “is a fairly eclectic project – made to be a variety of sounds.”

A variety of sounds that produces a few standout tracks on the project. One of which is “Soul Slip,” a song Furlow says is about his step-father.

When Ki’Shon was 8 years-old, his mom married his step-father – the man whom he proudly calls “Dad.” Ki’Shon’s step-father was the one who helped raise him and encouraged him in his music.

But in the summer of 2014, Ki’Shon Furlow dealt with the biggest blow of his life. His step-father, the biggest male influence in his life, passed away from sickle-cell anemia. An illness Ki’Shon says affected his family tremendously. “He was in the hospital often, but at some point we always felt like he would just get better. He ended up passing away and it shook my family up.”

This life altering event is what shaped Furlow’s heart felt track “Soul Slip.”

“Soul Slip” is about me processing that in the midst of having so many responsibilities like fatherhood, being a husband, and in school as well. I wrote that track in the midst of my brokenness, hoping it would help piece some things together,” Furlow said.

In our audio interview, we spoke with Ki’Shon about:

  • Who he is and where he is from
  • The concept behind his project ‘Keep an Open Mind’
  • How he connected with the Dream Junkies, Kaleb Mitchell, J Monty, and Aha Gazelle
  • Street Hymns not making it on #KAOM
  • Is he Street Hymns sidekick in Battle Rap and the comparisons
  • Preparation for a battle
  • “Music for the Free” slogan
  • Favorite tracks on #KAOM
  • Losing in the first round of the 2014 Hot 16 Contest
  • Battle Rap influences
  • Collab EP with Street Hymns ‘Kings and Vagabonds’ and how he met Street Hymns
  • and more

Ki’Shon Furlow’s Contact:

Twitter: @KiShonFurlow     Instagram: KiShonFurlow

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