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How Kings Dream Entertainment artist Jet Trouble Connected with Ruslan

Kings Dream Entertainment has produced some of the most lyrical artists in recent years.

From Ruslan to Beleaf to John Givez and the supergroup Dream Junkies, Kings Dream Entertainment once had a roster that could be stacked up against any in the industry.

But with Beleaf retiring from the music scene earlier this year; and John Givez no longer on the label; King Dream Entertainment had to go into rebuilding mode.

That lead them to bringing aboard 21-year-old Dallas native Jet Trouble.

The newly signed Kings Dream Entertainment artist is not the typical artist that you would expect to land on the label that has made a living through dope lyrical content.

Instead, Jet Trouble brings a whole different vibe, one that has never before been heard on Kings Dream Entertainment.

“Jet’s talent brings a refreshing blend of alternative, pop, and R&B to Kings Dream that may come as a pleasant surprise to some,” says his bio page on the King Dream Entertainment website.

It’s his versatility that makes Jet Trouble a new voice to King Dream Entertainment – and to CHH for that matter.

Although he can be heard on a record kicking a tight flow, Jet Trouble prefers to show off his vocal chords.

Singing is a fairly new skill for Jet Trouble, as he says he was a rapper first.

He took up singing a few years ago at the advice of New York-based music producer and vocal coach Ray Rock, who has worked with Andy Mineo, Dream Junkies and Social Club Misfits on past records.

The two were working together on a mixtape when Ray Rock became impressed with Jet Trouble’s musical voice.

“I flew out Ray Rock to help me with a project and we were working on this (Trouble EP) and I was signing on a love song that I wrote, and in the middle of it, he said, ‘Hey man, I think you can progress into a good rapper but I think you can go even further as a singer.”

So, with the Trouble EP already completed with mostly rap tunes, he decided to scratch the whole thing and rework it into an R&B project. He said the decision paid off as it garnered a lot of positive attention from his fans.

Since then, Jet Trouble has heavily relied on his vocal range more than he has on his rhyming ability.

But don’t be fooled by all the singing.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like to believe I can hang with anybody when it comes to rapping, but I’d much rather sing,” he said. “I feel like I can convey my emotions way better (as a singer).

On his new project Warren Park, which dropped Nov. 13, Jet Trouble can be heard doing the heavy lifting with is voice, although, there are a few raps thrown on the album.

Jet Trouble, whose real name is Jett Troublefield, grew up in the Bible belt of Dallas, Texas. His deal with Kings Dream has him residing in northern San Diego – for now.

While living in San Diego, Jet Trouble started feeling a little home sick, so he named his album Warren Park, which is based off of a park in Dallas called Klyde Warren Park.

“(The name) Warren Park is symbolic because out here in California a lot of my time spent was thinking about my family and friends in Dallas and what I wanted to do for the city of Dallas,” he said.

“Warren Park felt appropriate because this album really is for me to bring back to my city and really let them know like ‘hey, I’m your guy.”

Jet Trouble was raised in the church and considers himself to be a Christian man who loves Jesus Christ.

Although, he wouldn’t exactly call himself a CHH artist.

“The (CHH) community has always been pretty dope, (I have) no complaints,” he said. “The thing I love about CHH is it’s very welcoming. But I don’t think CHH is the end goal for me.

“I wouldn’t really categorize myself as a Christian hip-hop artist but I love the fact that they are so embracing, and they are accepting of my music, which is really dope.”

Now, Jet Trouble finds himself working with one of the most well-known labels around, a partnership that started off of social media.

Six years ago, King Dream Entertainment founder Ruslan had tweeted that he was looking to do a show in Dallas. But Jet Trouble misread that tweet and thought Ruslan was performing in Dallas, so he asked Ruslan on Twitter for the show date.

Ruslan had replied saying a show was not booked but asked Jet Trouble since he is from the Dallas area, if he could help book a show for him, which Jet Trouble did.

That lead to Jet Trouble opening up for Ruslan in Dallas and later he passed along his demo tape to Ruslan.

Jet Trouble said Ruslan liked some things on the demo and invited him out for a visit in San Diego where Jet Trouble did a little writing on Ruslan’s 2013 full-length album, Carry On.

Since then, the two have stayed in contact throughout the years.

“(Signing with Kings Dream) has been a longtime coming,” Jet Trouble said. “Honestly, it’s been a friendship that has grown into more.”

With Beleaf no longer on Kings Dream and the Dream Junkies disbanded, Jet Trouble is the new face of Kings Dream Entertainment.

He is looking forward to carrying the torch.

“What you can expect from me on Kings Dream is that I’m going to continue to push out quality music and quality videos and take pride in, that everything I put out, is as great as I can make it.”

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