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HipHopDX & Billboard Turn to Christian Hip-Hop Artists in Response to Deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner

Photo: Thi’sl Addresses the Community at “Let Your Voice Be Heard” Forum in Ferguson, MO

Over the past few years we’ve seen a number of Christian Hip-Hop artists make intentional, and sometimes controversial, moves to appeal to a broader population of hip-hop fans. “Should Christian artists try to appeal to a mainstream audience?” was the hot question for a long time, and still comes to the surface every few months.

Whether you agree with the new movement or not, we can all agree that Christian Hip-Hop has soared to a new level in the past couple years (#LecraeOnFallon). But while these moments have been exciting, I think what we’ve all been waiting for was a time when Christian Hip-Hop artists would have a “seat at the table” to bring truth and hope to hip-hop and the world. Praise God that time has come!

In the months following the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New York City a number of prominent Christian Hip-Hop artists have been featured on major outlets and have used the platform to speak truth. First, HipHopDX covered Thi’sl’s town hall forum which took place shortly after Mike Brown’s death:

Next, Lecrae wrote an article for Billboard on Ferguson and our justice system:

More recently, both Trip Lee and Derek Minor were featured on HipHopDX for their tracks “Stranger” and “Coulda Been Me,” both released after the Eric Garner Grand Jury decision. Listen to both songs below:

It’s no new thing that Christian Hip-Hop artists are responding to current events, but it is new that “mainstream” outlets are covering their response and even requesting that they write an article on the subject. Take some time today to praise God for the faithfulness of these artists, and pray that their words will impact the lives of people seeking truth in the midst of death and injustice.

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