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“Heroes For Sale” Timing with Boston Marathon Explosions Chilling

Heros for sale Timing with Boston Marathon Explosions Chilling

Reach Records didn’t expect explosions to—according to ESPN—kill at least three and wound 140 more at April 15’s Boston Marathon.

The label announced on Jan. 8 that Andy Mineo’s debut album, “Heroes For Sale,” would be released on April 16. The timing of the project’s final song, “Death Has Died,” will trigger tears from listeners after the latest Massachusetts tragedy.

Here is the track and the chilling second verse’s lyrics.

Andy Mineo – Death Has Died Lyrics (2nd Verse)

“I hopped off the plane. My God, what a scene that I seen on that TV screen.

People huddled ‘round, hands on they mouth. Not again, same problem, it hit a Newtown.

26 dead, 20 of them kids. Where do you begin when some lives just ended?

And everybody got the question: “If God so good, how he let this happen?”

Is it mental health? Is it gun control? Is it we make superstars out of animals?

Is it the movies we make, the video games?

I don’t know, but God I want an antidote. All I know is this world is broken.

Our sin is the reason it ain’t like it supposed to. Words fall short tryna comfort the grieving,

but you got to know that there’s hope to believe in.

One day my God gon’ crack the sky. He gon’ bottle up every tear that we ever cried, bring truth

to every lie,justice for every crime, all our shame will be gone and we’ll never have to hide.

No more broken hearts, no more broken homes. No more locking doors, no more cost control.

No abusive words, or abusive touches. No more cancerous cells that’ll take our loved ones.

No more hungry kids. No more natural disaster, no child will ever have to ask where his dad is.

No funerals where we wear all black. And death will be dead then we’ll lock the casket, yes.”

Mineo penned the track with Newtown in mind and without knowing that, approximately 65 miles north on the day before it dropped, more calamity would knock the wind out of the nation.

He penned the track without knowing that the calamity would occur on the mile of the Boston Marathon which—according to MSNBC—was dedicated to the Newtown shooting victims. He penned the track without knowing that the calamity would occur—according to the Associated Press via CBS—close to the VIP section where the Newtown shooting victims’ families in attendance sat.

Late last night, he took to twitter to explain the song.

That birth has God written all over it.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord in Jeremiah 29:11.

Mineo didn’t expect those explosions. Reach didn’t expect those explosions.

God didn’t just expect them—he knew they’d happen.

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous,” wrote Albert Einstein in his book, “The Way I See It.”

Listeners can react to the timing of “Death Has Died” in two ways: cry coincidence or give God credit for calling Reach to release “Heroes For Sale” on the day after death sent America into mourning. Either way, all can agree that Mineo’s supposed overdue debut came at the perfect time.

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