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Hector Dominguez, (fka Witness), Reveals ‘Misunderstood- The Story of Hector Dominguez EP Cover and Tracklisting


On January 17th, Chicago Emcee Hector Dominguez fka Witness will release his EP Misunderstood – The Story of Hector Dominguez as a free download.

“These last two years of my life have been the most challenging for me.  Both my wife and my father almost died within this time frame, I was ex-communicated from my community/fellowship group and it caused me to really take a good look at my life”. Hector said, “It was during this time that I started realizing things about myself and realized that God didn’t create me to impress anybody else.  God created me to reflect him with my life, my wife, my children, my art, my walk and this is what I hope to communicate with my music.  I’m giving you guys my all of this project and If you rock with me after this, I really appreciate you.  If you don’t get its cool, I guess I’m just misunderstood!  Music should be a reflection of who you are and I Am Hector Dominguez and this is my story”

Hector Dominguez collaborates with DFree (D.W.Y.L., Swift, Derek Minor), Mpax (KB, Da T.R.U.T.H., Selah tha Corner) and OnBeat (Dillon Chase, RMG, Bizzle) on the EP and the project contains features from Oscar Urbina. DJ Wade-O, A. Ward, Loso, J. Carter, D. Lyelz and Amberlea.


‘Misunderstood – The Story of Hector Dominguez’ EP Cover


  1.  Dennis Rodman [prod. OnBeat]
  2.  Misunderstood (feat. J. Carter) [prod. DFree]
  3.  Bar Exam (feat. Matt Tisdale, Cutright, A. Ward, Loso & DJ Wade-O) [prod. DFree]
  4.  Interlude [prod. D.Lylez & OZ]
  5.  No Regrets (feat. D.Lylez) [prod. DFree & Mpax]
  6.  Hope (feat. Abby Valdez) [prod. DFree]
  7.  Marathon (feat. Amberlea) [prod. DFree & D.Lylez]
  8.  Outro (feat. Hillyana & Oscar Urbina) [prod. DFree]

If you want to stay connected with Hector Dominguez, you can follow him everywhere at: @imtherealhector

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