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Disappointment, The Black Out Circuit Tour and New Sound

Long before she signed with Clear Sight Music, V. Rose and Spec were doing music together.  Open Mics, talent shows and anywhere else that would have them.  Now, they travel the world with Flame spreading the good news and entertaining fans far and wide.  On the heels of embarking on their first record tour, Wade-O Radio sat down with each separately  while at SXSW to discuss music, ministry and the industry.

You can stream or download the interview below:

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In our interview, we spoke with Spec about:

- (0:22) – His Ministry Affiliations
- (1:16) – His new mixtape Trax, Christ and Videotape Vol. 1
- (2:04) – How he came up with the concept for  Trax, Christ and Videotape Vol. 1
- (3:42) – Crafting the personal song “My Clear Sight” story
- (5:50) – The Pain of Losing your parents approval
- (7:27) – Regaining the approval of those close to you
- (8:32) – The Blackout Circuit Tour

Spec’s Contact:

- Web: | Twitter: @Spechouse


In our interview, we spoke with V.Rose about:

- (1045:) – Meeting for the first time
- (11:18) – The new music direction of Clear Sight Music
- (11:40) – Feedback on her new album Electro Pop Deluxe
- (12:30) – Her music and dance influences
- (14:15) – Being a Pop Singer in a Christian Hip Hop Community
- (15:00) – V. Rose the Rapper?
- (16:29) – Her excitement about the Blackout Circuit tour

V.Rose’s Contact:

- Web: | Twitter: @VRoseMusic

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