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Free Download: Govenor Reiss ‘Mercy Grace Favor: The Playlist’


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Download the New Project by Govenor Reiss.  The project Features Dre Murray, D-Maub, DJ Anomally and Gifted Da Flamethrowa. Production by Swoope, Big Juice, Tony Stone and more.

Track Listing and Production Credits:

1. Intro Interview feat. DJ Wade-O
2. Freedom Song – Produced by: Sea Note
3. Mercy Grace Favor Ft. Gifted – Produced by: Euro Puzzle
4. Praise Him Ft. D-MAUB – Produced by: Sea Note
5. Interview feat. DJ Wade-O
6. Gun Violence – Produced by: Beat Boxerz
7. Thank You Lord – Produced by: Tony Stone
8. Lost In It Ft. Blazon – Produced by: ScorpBeats
9. Sunshine Lady – Produced by: Charlie Rockwell
10. Interview feat. DJ Wade-O
11. Greatest Love – Produced by: Vibe Beats
12. Lil Brother – Produced by: Sea Note
13. Interview feat. DJ Wade-O
14. Saints Anthem – Produced by: Supa Man Beats
15. With You In Mind (Dj Anomally) Ft. Dre Murray & Kelly Kelz – Produced by: Sypreme & Wit
16. Traveler Ft. Jolivette – Produced by: Big Juice & Swoope
17. Outro Interview feat. DJ Wade-O

 Govenor Reiss Contact:

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