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Download a Free Chapter From Phanatik’s New Book: ‘The Art of Christianity’


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Branding and The Blind Taste-Test

If a Christian’s art accomplishes specifically Christian functions, does it have to be called “Christian art?” If calling something “Christian” means that less people will be attracted to it, shouldn’t we remove the title in order to attract more people?

This might seem like a logical solution to the problem of people being turned off by the Christian title. And it might actually work, at first. But it will not work for long. In fact, it will eventually begin to work against an artist’s mission (the Great Commission) if his art is still accomplishing specifically Christian objectives and yet he maintains that the Christian title does not apply.

Temporarily dropping or changing the name of a product is a marketing move that centers around the concept of branding. Technically, there is nothing wrong with this tactic. But if the Christian desires to engage in this practice, he could learn a great deal from those who have mastered the craft of branding—both biblically and in the world of business. If we look at the issue through these lenses, we will see why taking away the title is only effective when used as a temporary tactic in marketing Christian art.

The Name Game

Have you ever gone into a fast-food restaurant, walked up to the counter and asked for McNuggets, only to realize that you were not at McDonald’s? This happens all the time. But what is interesting is, in some cases, the employee who is taking your order will not even attempt to correct you. She knows what you mean and, without missing a beat, serves you her employer’s version of chicken nuggets. How does this happen? Simple; it is a matter of excellent branding.

Certain companies, like McDonald’s, have done such a great job of branding and marketing their product that we now use their brand-name as if it is the name of the generic thing itself, even though the generic version is made by other companies. This kind of name-brand success seems like it would be a blessing to achieve. But what would make a company choose to give up this level of recognition? Why would a company, after having gone through all of toilsome work of gaining a name, suddenly desire to remove it and blend in with and be confused for the generic brand? In chapter three, “Branding and the Blind Taste-test,” I will attempt to show why the Christian name has come to be such a burdensome blessing for many; but also, why we must see it as a blessing nonetheless.

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