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Free Album + Music Video: Marz – ‘Revelation’ + “Run”

Marz should be six feet deep.

The former Chicago gang member and witchcraft practitioner dodged death on numerous occasions before inking a deal with Geffen/Interscope Records. He’s been associated with Ministry, Korn and Insane Clown Posse. He’s toured with Paul Wall and Tech N9ne.

The money and power that Marz lusted for on the streets, he obtained it all and more on stages across the globe. Remember that Kia Soul commercial with the hamster wheels? And that “front, back, side to side” song playing when the windows roll down?

That’s Marz’s song (which actually almost lost him everything he owned).

But this money and power that the hip-hop artist obtained left him empty and miserable—that is, until God made him whole. Since he’s returned to music, Marz has made it his mission to expose the lies of the street and entertainment industry. Download and experience Revelation, his first album since he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ, for free.

Stay tuned for news on his next album, Wake the Dead, and read more of his testimony here.

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