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Free Album Download: Ray Alexis – ‘Madison Meadows’

Up and coming rapper Ray Alexis recently dropped a free project featuring production from DJ Rek and a chorus from John Givez. Kings Dream Entertainment artist Ruslan offered a tweet of support for the new project this morning:

Via NoiseTrade:

Living in Massachusetts, I decided to move to California with the desire to pursue a music career. I had the opportunity to pursue music back home but have never been challenged like I was when I arrived in Cali. Living on Meadow Street in Holyoke, Ma, where I spent most of my days is where I got the second word of the tape.

Meadow street is where I lived during middle and high school. I grew up around a lot of great people and had an empowering support group through my family. I also gave my life to Jesus and was saved during the time I lived on Meadow Street. The music is influenced by family, friends, and my experiences. .

Madison Street is where I moved to when I arrived to Southern California. I learned a lot about myself being alone in my apartment. I was also exposed to a new way of viewing music by my cousin Anthony Cruz and the Dream Junkies. As soon as I arrived I knew that I had to immediately step up it as an artist. I experienced a lot of great days as well as a lot of “home-sick” days.

This tape is clash of both worlds, a loving supportive home and new exciting experiences. A small piece of my creative artistry.

The theme of the project: Love where you came from, love where you’ll go.

Download Madison Meadows on NoiseTrade and stream below:

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